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Best compact scope

I spent a lot of time looking for a compact scope. I went with the Athlon Helos BTR 2-12x42 mil version. It’s under twelve inches. Which was a must for my rifle. Wanted the new Intergrix 3-18X44. It’s UTG’s upper new line of scopes. My dealer called. And they said it won’t be available till next spring. At shot show they said this year. Too bad. Because they are supposed to have Japanese glass. 
I recently picked up a veyron 3-12 ffp mil. Everything about the scope is punching well above it's price range. 

My only complaint is that the the center cross hair is 8/10 mil long with no intermediate indicators of any kind. It relegates one to estimating holds for a solid chunk of range on either end of mean point blank range. 

Granted, the clicks seem highly repeatable. Given the time, I would dial confidently. 

The reticle on the westhunter looks preferable. If it has similar optical and mechanical quality, that could be a solid pick. 
Immersive Optics are very compact and light with super wide FOV at high magnification and clear low dispersion glass. Prism scopes are a game changer in the field. Difficult to get used to at first, then you get used to a massive sight picture at 14x, had to crank my other scope's zoom down to 4.5x to have the same FOV. 

For field work, the target acquisition is amazing.
IMG_2609 2.1653087935.jpg

IMG_2613 2.1653090730.jpg

Mounted the new Westhunter WHT 3-12x44 SFIR FFP on the L2 today. This scope is exactly what I need for my L2 application! Short, plenty of eye relief, bright view, crisp FFP reticle with very nice illumination if needed and parallax down to 10 meters. . I really can't see why anyone could complain about the turrets? Very firm, solid clicks and ability to lock them is a plus. It comes with a honeycomb sunshade and a side focus wheel. There is no post for the zoom (but a place to mount one?). At this price it is a hell of a bargain.

An interesting note is this scope is not on the Westhunter website? They have the WT-F which appears to be a different scope with no IR? The only place I see the WHT version for sale is on Amazon?
@stoutblock, if you like you can have my throw lever... no sale, just paying something forward... PM me if you like.

Wow thanks for the offer! Very thoughtful of you but I’m looking for the simple small post that screws into the side of the zoom ring. There is a tapped hole there for one. I think the other version of this scope comes with a post? I may have to see if these are available as I find they are ideal and not as bulky as the one you have.


Nov 3, 2015
WA, United States
    I spent a lot of time looking for a compact scope. I went with the Athlon Helos BTR 2-12x42 mil version. It’s under twelve inches.

    Same here. My goal was to have something capable of working well from 5 yards out to 100yards. The 2-12x power does that, and is hard to find outside of this model. The FFP reticle still gives a nice aim point at 2x and a full usable tree at 12x. It's like having an almost-red-dot and long range scope (dial turrets, tree reticle) in the same package.


    Jul 7, 2020
    BC, Canada
      Without knowing what you want to do with the scope, it's hard to say. But to boost thane's signal, prismatic fixed-magnification scopes can be really impressive. They tend to have very wide fields of view, and are optically very clear. If you are comfortable with little eye relief you can get extremely impressive fields of view -- many times the fields of view of variable-power scopes. 

      But the scope you need depends on the circumstances you are going to be using your gun.

      My deer rifle has a 6x fixed-magnification prismatic scope on it. It's tiny, and pretty much just about right for the kind of hunting I'll be doing. The eyebox is very generous, as well. 

      Given that my airguns are mostly for night-time pesting I've got an IR scope mounted, at present. 
      I was in the same boat awhile back. I finally found a vector veyron 3-12x44. For the money I like it. I just recieved a west hunter 3-12×44 last week not really impressed with it. Glass is good. The AO is stiff to turn. Turrets are mushy. No defined click when adjusted. Alot going on with the crosshairs... I have one more compact that needs a scope and I've been looking real hard at the US optics compact scope.
      I have a USO 3x12-54 on a Pro X and love it.
      The Vector Optics Veyrons are really nice, and to me punch above their purchase price. 3-12 for hunting within ~60 yards or so, or you give up some of their light weight and compactness for more power with the 4-16 or the 6-24.

      The Optisan CP series are a little brighter overall, but the price is increased over the Veyrons. Available 3-12 or fixed 10x.

      I have been looking at the Optisan CP 3-12x32 -- and your comment when comparing it to the Vector Veyron caught my attention. As I take scope footage, scope brightness is pretty important to me.

      So, am I understanding this correctly, the
      Optisan 3-12x32
      appears to be brighter than the
      Veyron 3-12x44?

      To me it seems somehow counterintuitive that the 44mm lens would be less bright than the 32mm lens. Sure, glass differences exist, and if the Optisan was costing a grand and a half, I would expect it to be brighter. :unsure:

      I would be grateful if you or others could discuss this. Cheers!