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Benjamin kratos threaded barrel

Thanks for the info, I received mine (22cal) and have been getting familiar with it. I've noticed it's not loud at all and is what I would consider " backyard friendly ". So now I'm wrestling with the idea of putting a silencer on it. On one hand it's pretty darn quiet, on the other hand - making it even quieter and the "coolness factor". I'm gunna hafta ponder this one....
...that is one reason I picked the Cayden but maybe the shroud stiffens the barrel enough...???...

The shroud doesn't make contact with the barrel anywhere, no spacer discs like the Continuum. The shroud is very easily removed, and to my surprise, the barrel itself is threaded for a suppressor from the factory. I got a sweet deal on a DonnyFL suppressor today and on high power you barely hear anything beyond the internal mechanism firing, so I decided to take the shroud off and screw the suppressor directly to the barrel (fit perfect), again high power setting shooting slugs, it was quiet - but not as quiet when the shroud and suppressor were on it. Now I can shoot on high power in my backyard without annoying anyone in the house.
The barrel is extremely strong, as in when you see it for the first time "oh wow!" kinda strong. Not something you would expect to see from a "entry level/low cost" PCP. The shroud is plenty strong to hold up a suppressor. Keep in mind you won't need a big heavy one on it to do the job, Tonto will work just fine. If shroud droop is still a concern for you, instead of going up one caliber size to prevent clipping - go up two sizes.
Opening up the holes in the air diffuser will help quieten the gun down as well.


With this in place on the barrel the shroud and barrel would if anything droop together. That means bore alignment would still be maintained.