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Benjamin Gunnar



    6600, You claim that the marauder SAM is a flop! Do your research before you open your mouth! Every respectable reviewer of airguns, have nothing but posative reviews of these guns, with no problems,FACT!!! Steve @ AEAC, Rick @Sooter1721, Donny @ BAKER AIR to name a few... It is also not under powered! It is capeable of 28-30 fpe @ the cost of shot count, about 30-40 good usable shots. @ the factory setting 22-24 fpe you gain about 20 shots, 50-60. More than enough power to hunt with... The bar that has been set for a 22 pcp, is 30 fpe. This gun is as strong as the fx monsoon. The difference is, this gun is reliable & half the cost.... FACT! .Now grab your nook & blankie, & take yourself a nap.

    Hahaha you mentioning payed reviewers, of course they will say nothing wrong about the gun and also get handpicked guns ,...just check on forums for comments by actual people that has or had the gun those are the ones that count :) ....going back to the Benjamin Rogue, payed celebrities reviews where stellar as well as specs put out from the factory, once the gun got into real customers hand it was an all different story.

    Today a 28 FPE .22 is underpowered and that is way they didn't even bother bringing out a .25, I think you stuck in yesteryear with your airgunning standards that is why you keep bringing up the Monsoon that was a flop in it's own way many years ago,...Anyway AEA is kicking Crosman's butt all across the field and some, way more reliable, powerful, in all calibers up to .357, tons of different options and configurations.

    Crosman is following and still losing ground daily and a lot of it.
    Vetmx, People like you really crack me up! In the beginning of this conversalion, I made a simple comment, and you became sarcastic and rude!!! So I proved to you that The country of TURKEY, does in fact, produce good products. Then you continue. The only problem is you... I guess your buddy Scotty1, should read the whole thread. The lesson here is, dont bite if you don't want to be bitten. Respect others, if you want to be respected.
    Vetmx, In the beginning of this conversation, I politely commented to one of your statements, You responded with, "My comment makes perfect sense but you couldn’t grasp it because you got offended because you’re in love. Fact." What is that? you really dont remember? It was only a day or two ago. I mainly got involved because I am interested in this gun, because it is a design by velocity-outdoors. They have been working on it for a couple years, and because it is not a rebadged KRAL. I am also interested in it because it is a hand pump friendly bottle gun, this alone is rare. I am pushing 60 yrs old & like to hand pump, its good for the heart. It allows me to go on several day hunts, and if needed, I can pump it up. This is in fact a velocity-outdoor's designed gun. They are just doing what every other company in our country has to do, farm out the build. When it comes down to it, it just costs alot of money to produce good products in the usa, Why do you think a simple 4x4 pickup can cost $70,000 + today. Here is a example. I retired @ 38 from running Motorsports dealerships. Most people don't know, most of the big 4 manufactures, do not make their own scooters. Im talking about the big 400 - 650cc. They cant build them in a motorcycle plant, they would have to build a seperate factory. This is not cost effective, being they dont sell enough to justify it. What they do, is build the engines, desigh the unit, and supply 100% of materials. Then they send their engineers to oversee production. What country has the most scooter factorys? China. Thats right, they have their scooters made there,. even though it is as though they made them their self. One example SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 & 650. Both allways held top honors in the shootouts & sales, year after year. Both built in china. The others do the same. It does go both ways, the honda goldwing was built in OHIO. The Suzuki & Kawasaki ATV'S are built in the southern part of the united states. This is because of the tariffs, and the fact that we have great natural resources, ie steel, copper. They send the engines and they are built here. This is all I was looking for, a polite conversation & information. We did have another party chime in, just looking for trouble (6600) maybe wires got crossed because of this trouble making rude person. Either way, I am a good person, who is always respectful, unless bitten. There is too much of this rudeness in our world today. We can all learn from conversation! If we remain open minded.


    Dec 4, 2017
    Pa, United States
      I may have gotten sarcastic when I felt you singled me out of the 4 others who felt it could be overpriced. Key word, could. Like I said in my first post, these guys are killing it in the sub $1,000 market. To enter the $1k+ market, they need to up their game. And like I said before, maybe they will. I personally will never drop a grand on the gun because I would instantly put a carbon bottle on it. Now we are at $1,300. How good are their regs going to be? Would I now have $1,450 in the gun? Like a lot of new guns that enter the market, I can’t wait to see. Just like you, I’m a dude with an opinion. You got me by 7 years and are still hand pumping so I have to tip my hat to ya. 
      Thank you! I am a open minded person, and never single anyone out. I am also waiting for the outcome of this gun. The sad thing with this ecomomy, the 700.00 market is becoming the $1000.00 market. The $1000 market is becoming, the 1300-1500 market.This year alone, I have seen the prices increase several times, on many guns. Hopefully the economy and greed, does not destroy the industry, so many of us enjoy. One can only hope, velocity-outdoors steps it up a notch, they are a capeable company. Greed will destroy any company.
      I agree. We are seeing a lot of inflation and if they would have produced the Gunnar here in the states it would be priced well north of $1000. I expect to see inflation impacting the airgun market more this coming year. I believe now is the time to buy large ticket items you have on your wishlist, before you see the prices inch up more than they have. It’s not actually the price of goods that have increased, it’s the actual value of the dollar that has decreased. I’m glad that Velocity Outdoors was able to keep costs down and keep quality up on their new line of Benjamin’s. (CROSMAN Please send the 392 pumper over to Turkey for a nice walnut stock and threaded barrel!!!!!) 
      As far as quality goes on the new Turkbenjistan guns I own, they are fantastic and I am as happy with them as I am with airguns I have costing double the price I paid for them. If anything I think the Cayden and Kratos are underpriced. I certainly wouldn’t sell mine back to Crosman for what I paid for them. 
      Well said pnwairgunner! I started out with a old benji .20, that my grandfather owned, when I visited my grandparents in the summer. Great accurate gun back then. Back then they were made in Racine WI, I believe. Brass barrel soldered inplace, a great air rifle. I often thought of buying a 392, and have MAC1, perform his magic. How is the accuracy of your 392?
      Ho well Crosman is being rescued by Kral, since they can't make a decent gun they need to go to a factory that can make better guns and at a lower price and sell them under the Benjamin brand,

      Still much prefer buy a Kral or a Kuzey from Troy Hammer rather then a re-branded Crosman.

      I wouldn’t say they are being rescued. Crosman has it’s dedicated fans that grew up with them and will continue to do as they have done. Not a lot changes with Crosman designs in general. I don’t think there’s a better pumper still on the market than the old 392. And I can’t find anything bad to say about a company that outsources to INCREASE quality..... it’s usually the other way around where production gets sent to China and quality drops off a cliff. It’s a step in the right direction for me as the end buyer. 
      I spoke @ length with Velocity Outdoor's today. I was told that one of the biggest reasons they are outsourcing so many airgun builds, is that they are having the same problem as most employers in the US, the lack of employees. Since "COVID" every business has this issue! This, along with all the other reasons we spoke of, makes it impossible @ this time.