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Benjamin Gunnar listed on PA now.


Looks like it was added yesterday to the New Arrivals page! (There’s no .45 option listed though.) I had REALLY hoped to see this one available in .30, but it looks like .22 and .25 are what the options are. 
Im looking forward to seeing one on my doorstep. I am super happy with the Kratos and Cayden, hoping this one impresses me as much. Now it just needs to show up as In-stock..........
Anyone else anticipating buying one? 

At that price is there any reason to get this over a dreamline?

I don’t see it as an either/or situation..... a similarly dressed Dreamline is about $400 more though. It comes down to whatever a person prefers I suppose, but as of yet there’s no review on the Gunnar so who can say..... ya know? 
What I do know is that my Kratos is so efficient and consistent I would have sworn it was regulated. If this is an improvement over it I’m excited to see what it does. 
Priced as it is, and using whatever discount Crosman offers and using my bullseye bucks from PA.... I can have the rifle and a nice scope for less than the list price and less than a similar FX. (And I collect Benjamin products anyway so there’s my incentive.)

A lot of money for what resembles a Kratos with furniture.

Then you factor in the Hatsan Factor, pun intended, which is priced the same, you get more power and the 5 year warrantee with the Benjamin Gunnar, with the Hatsan you get…..screwed eventually. Why would you pay $1000.00 for a Hatsan when you can get a rebranded Kral for the same price?

Seems really close to the Kratos, probably breathing a bit better at 50 FPE, which is available with a drill and a .156 and .187 drill bit. I just drilled out my Kratos ports and get 53 FPE for 50 shots.

It is the 30 and the 50 or 45 that Spark my interest.


I wonder how much nicer it would feel with a CF bottle in place of the aluminum one? And I wonder what the bottle threads are? 

I've got a 370cc eBay CF bottle which looks like it would fit. Just not willing to drop a grand to find out - at least yet.

Well it’s literally impossible to say if it would feel nicer...since none of us has had it in hand yet to know how it is balanced as it is, but yes a carbon tank would lighten it.
If I were thinking of changing tanks out I would actually want to do a double tank on it and have 1000cc’s of air for target shooting. 

They might be flying too close to the sun. Once you eclipse the $1k mark there are way better guns quality wise that guys should be buying. Turkey guns need to stay sub $700 where they belong and thrive. Save your bullseye bucks to reduce the price of a quality gun.

Eh.....no. What???
I would be confident in saying that many of us on here have Marauders and 2240s and 1322s etc.....with close-to or more than $1000 invested. I’ve easily spent that on multiple projects. There’s nothing magical about the 1000 dollar mark that buys you next-level anything. Take a look through the forum and let’s see how many guys have broken their Impact this week...
Do you actually own any of the new Turkish Benjamin’s? They are outstanding quality and are a great value.
“Turkish guns need to stay sub 700 where they belong” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA


I like politically incorrect humor so I find that bit hilarious. It’s kind of racist but with elitist undertones, and seasoned with a sprinkling of supremacy. 
How absurd. 

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Dec 4, 2017
Pa, United States
    I’ve owned a truckload of sub $700 guns. One of my favorite guns is a Kral Jumbo I built. If you believe that is the definition of outstanding quality maybe you need to own some Edgun’s, Taipans and other upper tier Airguns and see what they look like inside before you call me an airgun racist. I may have just made airgun history by being the first guy to have an airgun race card pulled on me. 
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    Yeah you are right. I don’t know what money can buy. I’m a total newb since starting collecting airguns only 20 years ago, and buying PCP’s for only a decade. 
    Just because I own high dollar airguns does not mean I see no merit in lower cost airguns. I also intend to buy several Crosman 362s when they hit the market at less than a hundred bucks each. Because that’s what I like to tinker with. 
    I didn’t say YOUR sub 700 airguns were the tits.... obviously not. I said MINE are outstanding quality. I’m very happy with my purchases.
    Regardless, none of this has any bearing on the new Benjamin airgun. You have no experience with it or with any of the other Turkish Benjamin’s, nor any desire to buy it, so I’m not sure what the purpose of your original post to this topic even was. 
    You don’t want it, don’t think others should buy it, it’s not worth it because your different airguns aren’t worth it...... I got it. Thanks. 


    Jan 18, 2019
    FL, United States
      You made assumptions and so did I. Looks like we were both wrong. I don’t want to get into a pecker contest on who knows more about airguns but I will stand by my original statement. If you think a Turkish airgun is worth a grand, go for it.

      And there you are wrong again, not a grand, $1,300 but remember you are saving $300 

      But I must say, I think it's a good think to have this gun, it looks something different. The gun specs are interesting.

      Thanks for sharing