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Benjamin Gunnar FULL REVIEW by Baker Airguns

Baker Airguns

Jun 5, 2018
Ohio, United States
    Hi everybody! This is the Baker Airguns FULL REVIEW of the new Benjamin Gunnar. The first link is to the written report that accompanies this video. The thumbnail is to the video itself. I suggest taking them both in for the full story. All comments are welcomed and appreciated.

    Click HERE for the written report...




    Jun 19, 2021
    WI, United States
      What is the barrel length?

      And total length with the stock collapsed?

      And I've seen two different weights on this

      Thanks for the review Donnie

      I've been weighing this air gun since I first saw it, but I'm still on the fence.

      The balance with weight forward is disappointing. The weight I've seen is an 8-9 lbs. My guess is the trigger is similar to what the craftsmen Series were and it it a 2 stage with a really strong first stage spring. My Cayden was like that. Replacing with a ballpoint pen spring fixed it. But not something you should have to do on a $1K air gun.

      Would an aftermarket carbon fiber bottle allow replacing the aluminum one I wonder?

      The Accuracy seems decent. I like that it takes the Craftsmen Series magazines which I have stocked up on for My Cayden.

      But then I think for a bit more, I can get an Airmaks katran or Pick up a used Vulcan. or a Vixen

      Thanks for the review.

      Having easily swapped the bottle on a Kratos, I would imagine it's even easier on this. If you went with a 580 or even a 700cc CF bottle, you'd increase shot count AND lose weight (those 500cc aluminum bottles have THICK heavy walls! This would look badass with a 700cc bottle!)

      The triggers on the Akela, Cayden and Kratos do have a sear adjustment, does this really not even have that? (Of course we could get in there and polish it up some as well.)

      That leaves the internal regulator which really is kind of a shame. I mean I get that this is a $1K product, but still. Finally a regulator, but it requires to disassembly to work with it.