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Benjamin Cayden Pics

I added an adjustable butt plate butt plate.,and the donny sumo. Both additions were awesome!

Is that a monopod on the butt? That's pretty cool.

Hey Stretch 

no more of a stand, it's not adjustable 

It's a packing piece that came with the air venturi rat on a stick metal reactive targets

I put it on to keep the stock out of the dirt and mud when I took the picture, and liked it so much that I kept it. Just slips onto the rear sling stud. The company that I bought the butt plate from does offer a mono pod/butt plate if you are interested private message me and I will give you the name of the company.
So long as we have resurrected the Cayden discussion lets take a second look at the ‘non adjustable trigger’ according to the factory other than the trigger shoe. Obviously there are no holes in the trigger guard to allow a hex wrench to go anywhere. But if you remove the action from the stock and remove the now exposed trigger sideplate you will find hidden in there two adjustments that can be made for both the first and second stage pull. Firstly at this point, slide out the moving parts of the sear and stone hone and then polish the contact points for perfect fit. Replace the high tension trigger return spring with a lesser one. Having tuned mine to personal preference I have eliminated the first stage and tuned the second stage (now the only stage like on a fine target pistol) to a 11/4”lb crisp let off.

I did the same on my Akela but with less success due to the excessive linkage needed to make it a bull pup.

Works for me..

Great information Tomygun,
When you get a chance please show us a photo of this refinished stock!
I have had mine for over a year, and the build quality in it's price range is awesome, I paid $430. for mine and thought that was good. The craftsman line from Benjamin has three different variants, for all shooting styles/needs. It's not regulated, and that can be a deal breaker for some, but the valve and hammer spring are very efficient and give good shot count and consistent performance. I added the adjustable butt plate to help me get a great sight picture, and for me was a welcomed addition. The butt plate style might not be to everyone's liking, there are different type/styles available. I would highly recommend. The side lever cocking arm is smooth, and needs minimal effort to operate. It cycles the twelve shot mags fine. I wish it would have come with a single shot tray, but they are available on ebay. I haven't done the internal adjustments/trigger polishing as stated in the post, or any other adjustments, I was concerned it might void the 5 year warranty. Mine shoots the cphp 14.3gr pellets as well as the 15.89gr & 18.1gr jsb's depending on the wind conditions and distance to the target. I have had good results with the NSA 17.5gr & the 20.2 gr slugs for distances and in the wind. I haven't tried the FX hybred slugs Thanks Stretch for the info on them performing good. I like the looks and feel of the Cayden, it might be heavy for some at 7lbs , well balanced, BUT it's got a bark to it! so if you want to quiet it down you will need a suppressor, I had the donnyfl sumo, so that's what I used, it does a good job of keeping the noise down, but might be too long for some. Sorry I rambled on, but I was trying to give a written picture of the overall performance and quality of the Cayden, to match it's good looks. 


Next sunny day I’ll put the Cayden on the bench and take some pics of the walnut, it’s nice. Having done stock refinishing for a long time it was clear when I received mine that it just wouldn’t do. So many chatter marks in the cnc wood told me that it had to be sanded down all the way so I did all the needed preparation work. Not going into detail here it was clear that the young Turkish walnut was no match for English or Older American walnut so I mixed up a stain color. I added much red from Phillipene mahogany with dark walnut stain to begin. Then the process gets more involved and if your interested I can ad more for you, but is always a labor of love.

However the walnut had lots of character including tiger tail and mixed density not usually found on boxed air rifles. Pics later.


So as requested here is my refinished Cayden gleaming in the sunlight. They didn’t skimp on the wood quality with the Craftsman series, and while mine has nice curl and tiger-tail I’ve seen some pretty great wood on others. I couldn’t stand the grey looking wood and the ‘finish’ applied over the crudely CNC carved stock so I took it back to bare wood and sanded it properly before staining it dark reddish. Sealing and hand rubbing many coats before polishing with rottenstone/oil and waxing for a semi satin finish.

It shoots better than it looks.