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Benjamin Cayden Pics


Recieved the Cayden last week from Crosman. What beautiful wood!!! So happy with the craftsmanship on this. The excitement of anticipating what the wood grain is going to look like while waiting to receive the craftsman series rifles is like waiting to check a lottery ticket. I’ve been anxious since I ordered it Hahahaha! This one has tiger striping in the wood that appears when looking from front to back in the light. Tried to get a picture but they do it NO justice. It’s gorgeous and I wouldn’t sell it back to them for 100 bucks more than I paid. 

Ive said it before, if the Cayden or Kratos had been my first airgun, I am not sure I would have kept looking for better and better airguns. I could totally imagine a person new to PCP’s buying a Cayden for squirrel hunting or for use as a general critter-gitter and never feeling the need to upgrade. It’s solid and it’s beautiful. Accuracy is on par with the Kratos (1/2” or smaller @50) but with about half the actual shot count. But that’s still an easy 24 shots in the sweet spot and that’s more than a plenty for squirrel hunting.
Love it. 
If you are not looking for the endless tinkering that most of us here have become addicted to, and you simply want a solid pcp to use, do yourself a favor and check out the Cayden. I think I’m going to buy another one.
One suggestion I would have for Crosman..... if you had someone visually grade the wood into a few different quality levels I think folks would surely pay an extra say...$45 bucks for a stock with fancy grain, and continue selling the craftsman rifles with less fancy-ness as the base price. I personally would definitely drop a few extra dollars on it to buy graded stocked rifles. 

Just my .02 cents.


Yes, I’ve been using the jsb 18s and that seems to be the weight they like. I need to re-stock my pellet shelf, if I can’t find the jsb’s I think I’ll give the AA’s a try as I’ve heard more than one person say they are shooting great from these.

The AA's weren't cheap but so far I haven't found a single damaged skirt in the first tin I opened. The last tin of JSB's I got had lots of damaged skirts (although that might have happened in shipping).

That's some beautiful Turkish walnut you have there. I also dig the adjustable cheek comb on it. I wish more airgun stocks came with them. Is that a left handed stock?

They are ambidextrous. (Cayden and Kratos) and in my opinion, a very well done and comfortable for both solution.
I just got mine about 4 days ago,I just want to hold it all the time and feel wood stock and look at the quality of the airgun..Love the power adjuster and it's so efficent with air it does not need a regulator..Accuracy is very good with a variety of pellets,even $6.82 crosman 14.3 gr from wally. And the 15.89 gr jsb are one holers at 40 yrds.

On the Cayden the barrel will not move period so you can hunt with it unlike barrels hanging out there to move when just putting air in them or put in your truck to head to the woods.

love mine wayne
So long as we have resurrected the Cayden discussion lets take a second look at the ‘non adjustable trigger’ according to the factory other than the trigger shoe. Obviously there are no holes in the trigger guard to allow a hex wrench to go anywhere. But if you remove the action from the stock and remove the now exposed trigger sideplate you will find hidden in there two adjustments that can be made for both the first and second stage pull. Firstly at this point, slide out the moving parts of the sear and stone hone and then polish the contact points for perfect fit. Replace the high tension trigger return spring with a lesser one. Having tuned mine to personal preference I have eliminated the first stage and tuned the second stage (now the only stage like on a fine target pistol) to a 11/4”lb crisp let off.

I did the same on my Akela but with less success due to the excessive linkage needed to make it a bull pup.

Works for me..