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Barra MP 6-26x50 ffp

just received 20 min ago,first focal plane mill dots get big at x26,,,not crazy about the turrets,,moa turrets and mil-dot reticle, but at $250 and I am NOT a turret twister, I am a set it and forget it guy, I just hold over, quicker and easier when pesting, they don't like to sit still and wait for me to play with clicking....I needed another scope like I need another hole in my head...Odoyle will want to know clarity of this glass, but I have early cataracts,👴,so my version of clearness is subjective,,will comment later after mounting and playing. at 10 yds at x26 power the mil-dot is the same size as a .22 cal hole

Mattis,,10 YD min parallax on this scope,, not 40,,for your spread sheet info😉


Odoyle, I have to turn the ocular lens backed out a lot on all my scopes, to focus the reticle, on this MP model if I turn the ocular clear in,, my reticle is blurry but objects at distance are sharper ,, you(Odoyle) could see ants on target @100yd. But I have to accept my crappy eyes , I always have to balance the focus to my shooting depth of field, I do not shoot long range. My use is indoor 10 yd and outside pesting out to 50yd. So I have to choose between reading car plates at 300yd or having a sharp crosshairs

PM: side focus turns easily,nice,,magnification turns med to stiff, just right