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Athlon customer service.....STELLAR!!!

I had a gun slide off my table, and because the scope is heaviest part of the gun, OF COURSE the it landed directly on the elevation turret!! I was so bummed!! I love this scope (Midas Tac 6-24x50) 

The turret was crushed down and jammed on an angle. Clearlyyyy the scope was dropped. So fingers crossed I sent it back hoping maaaaybe Athlon would think this was somehow functional error (I mean it's not like they do this everyday lol) I was waiting for a call or email saying "Good try, but this was not 'normal use' and you're F'ed" to which I would've bit the bullet.

Sitting home today and the doorbell rings, UPS, hmmm I'm not expecting anything. Then I see the package and smiled "No way they fixed my scope" 

They didn't fix it. They sent a brand new scope!!

I tell people all the time how underrated the Midas Tac scope is, I think it crushes the Arken in that price range! Single best reticle (APLR4) I have seen (personal choice of course) and better glass. Add to that a level of customer service that CAN'T be beat and you have a customer for life!!

This may end up moved to the Brand Review forum but this is something every scope owner needs to see. 

Athlon's customer service is on the level of DonnyFl, Saber, Krale, Orion, UA, etc. Absolute Tier 1 company!!
Athlon is EXCELLENT when it comes to customer service. I had an issue where the reticle on an Ares BTR scope started shifting around. They not only replaced the scope with a new one, they also replaced it with the newest version of the scope - I went from a gen 1 Ares to a Gen 2. This type of customer service is one of the reasons why Athlons are on all of my PCP's... well, that and the excellent quality of their scopes ; )