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AoA Customer Service is awesome.

Shout out to the staff and Customer Service at AOA.
I placed a pre-order 4 months ago for 10, 500 count tins of H&N FTT 11.42gr .20 cal pellets when everyone
was unsure if they'd come in 500 count tins or the 250 count tins shooters were hearing they might be.
Fast forward 4 months and I got an email from them Monday to say they had them and were getting them ready to pack. Figured I'd call
to double check on both the order and what the pellet count in the tins was. Rich went to check himself, I heard some mumbling about
well that's not right, he gets back on the phone to ask me to hang on, he needs to talk to the boss.
Gets back on the phone a couple minutes later to tell me the boss said my pre-order was for 5000 pellets so double the order to 20 tins to make
the 5000 pellets in my Sales Confirmation with no change in any of the pricing I'd been given.
Shipped Wednesday, delivered today, a day early to boot as promised. 20, 250 count tins totaling 5000 pellets at what works out to $7.75 each

AoA HN FTT 20's.jpg