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anyone tried these bipods?

Don't have that exact one but I have another copy of the Atlas (Green Blob Outdoor) which looks to be about the same. I've only used it for a week on my 22 rimfire and I like like it. The only negative I can say is that the round "gear" that locks the pan/tilt comes loose very easily. But it's no big deal for me. Can't complain too much for $50



Apr 1, 2015
    Getting a real real Atlas for an airgun isn't worth the money IMHO. If you shoot centerfire rifles, than I would suggest the real deal. I've owned one of these clones, they're well made and good value for money if you slap it under an airgun. And let's be honest, for the money, you can't really go wrong on a clone and you'll save $320 for which you can buy a nice airgun or enough pellets to last you a couple of years. ;)
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    I only shoot one rifle at a time and they aren't all air guns, so I got the real deal and it gets swapped around between them, quick detach makes it easy.

    I guess it depends on how you plan on using it and what sort of person you are.

    If you spend $2000 on a gun and another $800 or more on a scope then skimping out on a bipod seems a bit out there.

    But if you are a practical person getting a $400 gun with a $80 scope and a $50 bipod to do the job you want it to do, then go for it.
    I just got 3 of these clones and although they work and I do actually like them, I like the UTG Recon better. It just feels so much better that I stripped the Atlas clone off my Taipan and replaced it with the Recon. It is heavier, though. But I can track a squirrel nicely with it compared to the Atlas clone. A genuine Atlas probably feels as good or better than the UTG Recon but it's still too much or my blood. I like the UTG so much and it's the lowest price it's been that I got one for my AR-15 or perhaps it'll grace the AR-10T.