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Any new members here that don't have a gun yet?

Hi fellas I recently tuned a hatsan airtact to practice my springer tuning. I want to give it away to a young member who doesn't have a gun yet. Maybe you are a teenager who was saving up for a gun and lost your job or something like that. It's a 22 cal and I resealed it, polished all contact points, used really good moly grease on all contacts and greased the spring. I also flattened the spring ends and polished them. I honed and cross hatched the cylinder and polished and cleaned the barrel. It's not an expensive gun but it is super smooth and the open sights are very accurate at 10 yards with regular crosman premier hollow points. Please don't ask me for this gun if you already have one or if your 40 years old and have a good job. I guess just tell me why you would want it in a short sentence and pick a number between 1 and 100. I will pick a number and the closest guess gets it. I will also throw in extra breech seals and a pack of pellets and some paper targets. You pay the shipping and it's yours. Please wear safety glasses! 
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Yeah last year I gave a young man the last 80 bucks he needed to buy his pcp and it felt really good to get someone into the community. I try to do something like this once a year now and besides I need to make room in my safes. I bought 2 big safes a couple years back saying to myself this is all I will ever need for my two hobbies. Well now my airguns are starting to fill thier safe and pouring over to my powder burners safe. It's a good problem to have I guess but it's time to let some of the lesser used items go to a better home. 
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