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Any more info from SKOUT?


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    I think the Skout Epoch Mark II or III sounds like a great gun in 2025

    Of course I think we'll have British style airgun legislation and be limited to 25 gr 22 pellets under 900 fps by then as well. 

    My son and I did a lot of paintball and the owner of Skout was an innovative leader who figured out how to shake up the market. He made the first lower cost high performance paintball markers that were competitive with custom guns costing much more. We also went to Pittsburgh and played at his company's field and it was first class all the way. So I tend to believe that he will come through and do it right, will have the manufacturing and resources to deliver. 

    I just know that version one won't be perfect because even the most expensive and best engineered stuff isn't. Space X rockets change every launch.