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Another Maverick question

I'm trying to gather up all the materials I'm going to need to implement my tuning/modding plans on my Maverick that is one the way... Can any of you with a Maverick take a couple of quick measurements for me? First, I need to know what the OD of the factory shroud is. Second, I need to know the OD of the barrel. I'm talking about what FX calls the barrel, and not the liner. I'm guessing it is probably 14mm? Finally, if any of you are feeling really froggy, it may helpful to know the ID of the factory shroud. I need to get some CF tubing on the way, so any info would be greatly appreciated!
If you gonna make a carbon fiber shroud for your gun. Isnt it best to get the measurements yourself? Some guns may be off a mm or so. And some people might measure it differently than you and get a different reading. Some caliber might be off. I wouldn't go and make a new shroud base of what someone says on the net. 
You're not wrong, but I'm not making anything yet. I just want to go ahead and get some CF on the way. I already have a couple of different types of stock I'll be using at the ends to make bushings holding the CF. I'm pretty sure the shroud and "barrel"(liner holder) will be the same diameter across calibers, and I'd think it would be pretty hard for someone to get measuring those ODs wrong. Obviously, the most critical parts will be where the barrel runs through the gun, and where the shroud meets the frame. I plan on ordering a couple different OD of CF too. I'll add what I don't use to my collection. I already have a lot of CF tube floating around from other builds, but I'm almost positive I don't have any on hand that is large enough. I think 20mm is the largest I have on hand, and I know the factory shroud is larger than that. The bushings I make to go on each end of the CF will be where the perfect fitment is most important.

The most important measurement I need will be the OD of the shroud, because that will be the only part I'll really need the CF for. I already have the barrel(s) I'm going to use, which I'll likely have to turn down a bit to fit. Come to think of it, I really don't need to know the OD of the barrel right now.