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Announcing the Brand New Umarex AirJavelin PRO PCP Arrow Rifle!

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Aug 24, 2020
Colorado, United States
    The world's most fun air archery gun just got more–More Velocity, More Power, More Air! The Umarex AirJavelin Pro adds pro-level features to the original AirJavelin platform to create a compact, lightweight, and surprisingly powerful pneumatic arrow launching device. The AirJavelin Pro is powered by an onboard 7.4 cubic inch tank that accepts a maximum fill volume of 4,500 psi. This tank is regulated at 1,500 psi which leaves 25 effective shots. Expect 15 full power shots before the pressure drops below the regulator limit. Arrows will launch at 370 FPS and generate 52 ft-lbs of energy. No fill probe is needed as the tank is fitted with a male Foster-style quick connect fitting on the end and optics can be attached to the generous Picatinny rail section on top of the gun. M-LOK accessories are also easily attached to the M-LOK slots found on either side of the barrel.


    4,500 PSI Max Fill Pressure

    7.4 CI Tank / 121.3 cc Capacity

    1500 PSI Regulator

    M-LOK® Rail on Forend

    Full Length Picatinny Rail on Top of Barrel

    (3) 170 Grain Arrows Included

    52 ft-lbs Energy

    370 FPS with 170 Grain Arrow

    25 Effective Shots Per Fill

    Ambidextrous Charging Handle

    Lightweight, Adjustable Stock





    I want one. Really liked my 2 Air Javelins but they topped out at about 30fpe on CO2 and a bit less when converted to air. If this new one is shooting in the 50+fpe range it'll be a conveniently sized practical hunter. I'm curious to find out if the power output can be easily adjusted by the owner via regulator pressure or hammer spring preload.

    My Air Javelins, which were designed and sized for CO2, did not see a power increase over CO2 (~900psi) when I increased the HPA input pressure to ~1150psi. Since these new Javelin Pros are set up to use air I assume that the power can be tweaked up by 10 to 20% without heroic measures.

    Just checked but didn't see any actually for sale anywhere yet. Makes me wonder when they'll actually be released. I've been waiting for a 2021 Ravin R18 for over a year and so far none of them have even been produced for public display or testing. And as soon as this Javelin Pro is available we'll probably see an announcement about a dual-arrow Pro 2X model of same down the road. And if the 2-barrel model weighs about the same as the single barrel, and if the power could only be turned up a bit.... 

    I mostly wish that a new company would just come out with a new line of airgun arrows which can be used in most regular airguns, with some shorter ones intended for use in carbine barrels. A .30 AEA SS Plus or Leshiy 2 might only have a 10-inch barrel but they are shooting in the 50fpe to 85fpe range and could use a shorter airgun arrow to match that barrel length. It would help if the arrows were actually in stock and at prices costing less than a good scope. A double barrel Air Javelin Pro would still beat out the large Double-Shot air shotguns for size and weight though.

    Pretty accurate! ..at 20-40 yards. Just make sure you are at the proper distance before you take a shot. 

    The Umarex website's page for this Arrow gun says:

    Distance and shot placement are vital to a humane harvest. 

    and you get 25 "ethical" shots per fill....the website says. 

    I like that Umarex addressed this.

    Umarex Javeline Pro web page