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Cameras Android best app for Sideshot.


Dec 7, 2018
Upstate New York
    Ah yes..the Android-cam-app-debate.. This should be a good one.
    There's a lot of options that really go under the radar..

    Scamsung really pulled a fast one on all of us Android users when in one of their "updates", 
    in their infinite wisdom decided to eliminate 'Manual Focus' as an option in the 'Video' mode of the OEM camera app. 

    I've always used Open Camera, as it's an open-source app, and has a ton of useful features.. 
    MANUAL MODE / MANUAL FOCUS is a MUST for through-scope video recording! And with Open Camera, it works great. 
    You can also dial in other variables to achieve the best end-results.

    I've tried and tested countless phone cam apps over the years, some very nice, some hit/miss..

    Erlis had me check out another one that I'd missed..

    It's called "Hedge-Cam 2", and it works Great! He's used it for a while and by now, he's mastered it! 

    I bounce back and forth between Hedge-Cam 2 and Open Camera now.

    Both Highly Recommended!

    Sam -

    PS: I've always had Filmic-Pro on my phones also.. It's a great app, and I also hoped it'd work for this.. 
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 8+, and Nope. I couldn't get it to work with my phone/cam either.
    I have a Motorola phone (4-5 years old). When I tried filming my retinal numbers were reversed. Also on playback I could not get the eMate larger than about 1 1/4 inch ? Could not zoom it bigger. Soon as I lifted my fingers from the screen ti went back to small.
    Very new to this but trying…. Can not find an app that lets me flip the image like the apple phone apps will.

    I an not afford nor do I want an apple phone.

    help appreciated.

    I am using the phone sideshot with android. I am looking for an app where I do not have to flip all the time.


    The image is flipped being there is a mirror that reflects the image in the side shot and the phone just records the flipped image. I haven't found a app that will flip while recording with the phone. That will have to be done by a editing app. which is not a big deal...just another step in making your video.