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Altaros Compressor Booster Unit

I recently placed an order to Altaros for a regulator for my AirForce TalonSS. I just knew Altaros for selling regulators and in doing a search on another website for Altaros regulators found a post about this Altaros Compressor Booster Unit. I don't have a Shoebox or anything similar but this Altaros unit appears to have some good things going for it. Cost is about $625 US but price alone is not necessarily something to go by. It supposedly runs very cool and takes even less maintenance than the Shoebox. I would say for those interested to check out the site and look at the performance notes and videos. I have just started to watch the video where he is filling a 74 cubic foot tank. I watched another video where he filled an Airforce bottle from about 1500psi to 3000psi I believe in about 5 minutes. Those with more knowledge than me might be able to assess the quality and performance of this unit. Bill



May 12, 2015
Hobbs NM, United States
    Seems like a great product, I was thinking the Haskel set ups used a partially used SCBA's remaining pressure to boost another tank or guns pressure along with low pressure compressor to just drive the booster. Maybe the partially used SCBA was the only source to make it a mobile setup. I've dealt with the Altaros guys a little and they are fast to respond to question and concerns. Wonder how it would work filling a 440 cuft steel cylinder from say 3000 to 4500 since I use two of those? The price sounds reasonable as well.
    "Dairyboy"I have one just got it setup lastnite and filling my new Tiger shark tank. Working great so far.
I am glad you got this booster and hope you keep us posted on fill times and performance. What compressor are you using for air input and what psi is it providing to the Altaros Booster. Thanks Bill
    Yes a Joe B tiger shark 71cuft. With how I have my compressor and the booster set up in just under 2 hrs it put in 700 psi. I have a husky Oiless compressor that's about 10 yrs old. 20 gallon tank 1.9hp motor 4.3 gallon per min at 90 psi and I have it set regulated at 90psi. Could go higher but no need to for my use. You need to play with the input pressure screw to get the right amount of air in there so that it runs for about 5 min and shuts off for 2 or so. The thing is really quiet i wish my compressor wasn't so dang loud you would barely be able to hear it in another room if the drive compressor is off. Close the lid then it's very very quiet. It's so simple yet well built I'm very satisfied with it so far. Only been running it for 2-3 hrs at a time but not cause the Altaros but so my compressor don't die on me. Should get it all the way filled by tomorrow.