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Altaros .25 cal bc

I understand that, but the Boat Tail slugs that you can currently buy (ZAN .25 cal. 46 grain for example) have a higher BC than flat base or dish base, but not an order of magnitude better. The ones I tried were about 0.150, but they weren't as accurate as the 43.5 grain NSA FB slugs.


    I agree! these are designed for target. But, if they are accurate enough, the energy transfer becomes less of a issue as far as hunting performance. 

    The Condor ( though not a target rifle) seems to really like these @ 55 yrds! I'm gonna test further after I install my scope level. Beyond 55 yrds, scope cant becomes a big accuracy concern when your scope is 3.616 above the bore.

    I would be interested to see what B.C others are getting from this slug.