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AirGun Depot will never get my business again...

Aloha AGN,

I gotta say that AirGun Depot is the worst customer service I have ever came across. I went on line to order the FX chronograph and when I went to check out the shipping only showed parcel post or 2nd day air but the site did not specify if it was UPS or Fedex so I called customer service on Monday 16 Dec. and it went to there voice mail so I left a message with my contact number. Today 20 Dec. I got a call back, it took them 5 days, WOW. But here's where it all went down hill for AirGun Depot, the person on the phone who did not say her name was really unprofessional, when I asked about the FX chronograph and if it came with the barrel adapter she said "it come with whatever is in the box" if it doesn't have the barrel clamp call FX with what I might say was a sassy tone of voice. Then when I asked about the shipping she said "what does our web sight say, that's what we offer and I can't change it" I asked her that I wasn't trying to change it I wanted to know if it was Fedex or UPS. The reason I was asking which shipping company they use is because Fedex does not deliver to my address where I live, only UPS & USPS. With that kind of person working in the customer service department, AirGiun Depot will lose a lot of customers, I know they lost me for sure, I will order from other airgun business. 

BTW, I own my on business and the number 1 rule that I tell my workers it that be courteous to the customers, with social media and everything else out there, 1 bad review turns into 100. Thank you for reading, rant over.

Aloha, Keone

You are right in that today’s society the customer better always be right.

Because if someone like me, who has A LOT of time on their hands, decides they got screwed over like say, how I feel about PayPal, or your experience with AGD, yes the bad reviews reach more people. People are pathetic in general so we gravitate to the negative comments. 
I personally had never dealt with AGD until recently. I finally decided due to a special to get something only they carry at that price. 
Well I bought 3, got 1 free. I chose 2 variations total 4 boxes of slugs.

This order was made on a weekend. Well right after order I actually found more info on ANOTHER site about the items I ordered. I decided I should have gotten more of the higher BC HP one and 1 free lower BC heavier weight. So I emailed AGD asking them to rearrange my order and showed why.

I got a email saying sorry, your order has already been processed and shipped. I didn’t get to your email until after it was out. 
So we’re going to send you 1 extra box of the higher BC ones free & no cost shipping. 
I personally was very happy about that. I know other places would say too bad, send one back, pay your own shipping. I was kind, polite, and most importantly I showed them the information they should have listed with EVERY PROJECTILE. The actual weight & OD, OAL, BC, SD, Nose & base type, at what MV from what stock rifle was info based off of. 
So as a business owner you know people are picking & filling orders, bringing to dock, office is doing EVERYTHING they have to.

I got lucky that they are so swamped with business that I got 500 slugs for $38 and if I had ordered those from the maker, lol, $75+ shipping from Hunters Supply. 
I’m not trying to change your mind K-dog. I’m just saying EVERY retailer is backed up with their regular items. FX is not easy to get info out of.

I’m gonna tell ya 2 things that might make that believable. AZ isn’t a Rapid dealer anymore because they are RAW, and they don’t take his advice. So PLEASE if you know anyone with a USED .357 RAW rifle or mono block, lefty or righty, I need one. I want AZ to make me what nobody else out there is making. 

Other thing is as a business owner you must see how cut throat the AG industry is. I called JSB back in 2011 when I wanted to buy a few pallets of JSB 18.13 old black & gray tins. I had the cash money, a 2 bay loading dock, warehouse and 1000 yards of barren dirt field to shoot my TT’s AAA Condor .25. I wish I could have had the FX no limit rings, Chairgun Pro/Strelok Pro, and the Corbin dies that are making all these great high BC .177-.257 slugs we have today. I’d have been using all of that distance. 

Anyway, JSB told me, “we can’t ship there as product is very fragile and damaged tins occur.” I said, “well if you want 20K per pallet, I’ll take 5 & pay the freight. You’ll never hear me complain about any bent skirts as I’ll just keep any damaged tins for myself or sell discounted.” “Sorry, we can’t.” 🤔 Mmm.

I would have EASILY turned that $110K into $200K & kept on going. Even if I’d only bought one load and held it. One sealed original JSB B&G tin of 18.13’s go for at least $25 now. They COULDN’t sell them due a contract with PA or Umarex.