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AGT Uragan Compact Handguard...To get or not to get is the question

My Uragan Compact aka Shadow arrives today, so I thought it might like some accessories.

A while back, I saw that AGT was making a handguard with an extended picatinny rail for the Uragan Compact. I am curious if anyone has used it. If so, is it worth getting and easy to install?

The only thing I remember is someone said it fits up right against the bottle, thus rubbed on it and they had to bend it to get it to work properly.

One I like the look of the guard and two the extra grip and protection would get great too.


Jul 26, 2020
CA, United States
    Well Peter,

    Maybe by not getting any answers... you got your answer?

    Folks seem to think that they make the gun look cool (the handguard). Extended Pic rails on guns are nice for flexibility in bipod mounting, but to me that typically relates to longer barrelled guns.

    I haven't found the need for either on my compact.


    But I've also gotten to the point of taking stuff off my guns if it doesn't serve a direct purpose to me, even if it makes the gun look less sexy.