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AGM TM160 Thermal hand held Monocular

I bought this AGM TM160 short range Thermal monocular from Amazon the other day, it showed up the next day, took it out of the box, it was well packaged and smaller than what I thought it was going to be, which is a good thing, my old night vision monocular was a bit large, this thing is light and can hang around the neck with a larger Lanyard installed, well I took it outside and played around with it, did some minor program adjustments and tested it out, it has 4 modes for viewing, I like the white hot mode, it is very clear in the lowest zoom setting, but it gets a little fuzzy as you zoom to the highest setting, but you can still make out objects, it is for short range and it does that well, you can see further out and can distinguish objects at farther distances, resolution is 160x120, it has a focus wheel adjustment and it is rechargeable, it has photo or video, zoom and wifi, so for the $339.00 price tag it's not a bad deal, I will use it for Rats, Hogs, and any other Critters, I also bought the extended warranty just in case, 


George, it seems to work well out to about 100 yards on the low zoom setting, but it works best closer to about 50 yards, like I said it gets fuzzier the more you zoom, but you can still make out objects, it is intended for short range, so I would say 50 yards is the max.

Randall, Thanks, it will come in handy spotting the critters.

Ezana4CE, I going to use mostly for Rats out to 50 yards, I'll try it to locate Hogs on my friends ranch that can be 800 yards out, but it's likely it won't register them that well. The better unit is out of my price range, but it suppose to work at long range....
@katokevin454 Congratulations on your new home. Hope you’re able to set up a nice little shooting range. If you have a decent amount of open space you should get an idea of its range and capabilities. Thing helped me avoid being trampled one night. Also think it’s good to ascertain exactly what type of animals are in the distance if you recognize shapes, builds, behavior, and gaits fairly well. I had trouble seeing birds in trees that were not far at all, but I don’t know if it was because of foliage or their small sizes. 
here's a quick test video I just did, the Dove on the wire was about 70 yards away, I'm still fine tuning it so it might get better, but it's not bad for now


At least you could see something with a clear view. I was also trying to look during the day, but I was in the woods trying to pick up some songbirds in the trees at about 10-20 yards intervals. They were hard to see in the viewfinder. In pastureland at night I can see well enought to determine which medium to large sized animals are what. I think the smallest animal I saw was an owl that swooped down towards my caller. I don’t recall picking up any rodents. I’m not so sure how it performs when plants are in the picture. I’m rarely spotting quarry out in the open at night. They tend to hug the timber. 
Ezana4CE, you should use the Jungle mode for forested areas, it might help see things better in the woods.

press and hold menu button, enter scene mode, change from Recognition mode to Jungle mode. see if that helps... ;)

attk11, it should work but it can't detect through plants unless there is part of the animal visible, plus day time tends to have more heat radiating from other objects which can obscure the view.