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Tuning AEAC Video - FX Maverick Tuning Guide + EPIC RDW !!!

Steve, I received my new FX Maverick VP 30 cal, mid July. It shoots very accurate at 26 yards, in the back yard, 860 FPS. I use Hades 44.75 pellets. Reg Small gauge reads less than 120 bar. just placed a digital gauge on it. It reads 163.6 from the first reg. 2nd reg reads 113.6 bar. Suprised to see 50 bar difference from the factory. Power wheel came set to 7. Any suggestions? 
I solved my own issue. The reason I could not turn the 2nd Reg (breech Reg) below 85 was that there appeared to be an extra Belville Washer in my stack around the piston. There should be 5 sets of 2 and the final 11th should be concave to the piston head. (I watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OpwyIjZlAg and got bold to check my regulator)

Following the protocol of the video, the task was easier than i thought. I had 12 washers from the factory ... (I have never sent this for repairs in my 2 months ownership) ! Prior to removing the extra washer I was having Extreme spreads of 28 and SD of 7-9 and as soon as I removed the washer, I could now set the Regs to Steves recomended starting point of 95 / 70. The velocity was 925 fps I had to reduce the PW to 2 and adjust the IHS inward to further reduce the hammer and my velocities when up 50 fps to 900 fps and ES of 10, SD of 2.1 ! Prior to fixing the issue, I followed the FX technitians advice to try a higher setting of 135/100 on the regs... but that did not resolve my sawtooth velocities. I dont know how much to attribute to removing the washer or using the lower Reg pressures but I think its the lower Reg pressures that was now enabled by removing the extra washer. ... Obviously, I can do further tuning but I wanted to share this now... in case anyone else has a similar problem.

Extra washer.1631315238.jpg

Belville Washer and Lower Settings.1631315286.jpg

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Can’t thank you enough for this guide. Purchased my first pcp a couple of months ago. FX Maverick VP in 25cal. I was flying blind until I ran across your work.
I'm with you 100%. Loving my Maverick thanks to the wealth of information from Steve @ AEAC... Priceless!!
Just bought a new Maverick sniper in 25 caliber. Looking at shooting NSA slugs. Would you choose a 29 grain or 33.5 and where would you start on a tune?
I have a .25 Maverick Sniper as well and I also want to start shooting slugs. I'm new at the whole liner, slug, twist technical mumbo jumbo :p . I also want to get a .22 barrel to shoot slugs and pellets. Curious what you can share. I see slugs is various widths and I seem to recall that certain widths shoot better in the FX barrels but still digging thru all that information.