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Tuning AEAC - FX Maverick STEP-BY-STEP Dual Regulator Tuning Guide + EPIC RDW !!

Hi Steve,

Thanks a million for this tutorial!!

And double thanks for answering my questions on Facebook: I sincerely thought i also posted those questions here as well , so I grew a little impatient after a few days and asked them again on facebook.... And you were so kind as to answer them swiftly. They concerned the initial setting of the IHS adjuster, and they are well answered here now.

Now I see I somehow miserably failed to post them here, my bad totally!! I apologise, and thanks again for the great work!!

Kind regards,


Hey Steve,

I just finished watching your magnum opus on tuning the maverick and wow… Thanks for the details and deep dive on how to go about getting the most out of the platform.

I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my maverick VP and wondering if these pro tunes with equate more to the pellet/slug weight or does it need to be modified to suit the gun?
Wow… a whole bunch of stuff going on here. 
Thanks Steve for this commitment and follow through. One quick question; (famous last words)🥸. Do you think it would be as simple as splitting the differences when it comes to the Maverick VP and regulator tuning? I’ve been struggling to get this to all come together with the 600 mm barrel.

Anything you could offer would be tremendously appreciated.

Hi Steve,

The tutorial on your YouTube channel and what you shared here is great!!

I do have a question, is there a ballpark number to follow if you're shooting .22? Say, 18g., 21gr., 25 gr.? That we can translate from your .25 tunings?

Thanks again,


The gist of it you can.
But I too would have liked it in .22 .
No interest in "maximum power" etc, just embrace the high BC of .22 for long range shooting.