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AEAC Florida Iguana HUNT video!! + LCS Air Arms SK-19 REVIEW

I live in Broward County, FL where this was filmed. Some people do actually eat the iguanas - Chicken of The Trees they are called.

Unlike a typical fishing show that makes it seem like there are fish everywhere and easy to catch, yet took 3 weeks to film to get enough footage,..this film is genuine as far as the shooting opportunities.

I live on 2 acres that backs up to one of the many canals in Broward County and I have killed 5-8 iguanas a day for over 3 years and there is no sign of them slowing down/reducing in numbers--and we are talking about JUST my yard....they keep coming. I can drive 500 feet down the road and see HUNDREDS of large males lining a major feeder road adjacent to another canal. Yesterday I went to the ATM and saw 15-20 easy. It is no exaggeration when I say they are everywhere. When your eye is trained to see them, there are even more! The average person doesn't "see" most of them.

They are TOUGH reptiles. Unless you nail them in the skull sweet spot, they can endure a lot of punishment. The sound of a pellet/slug hitting an iguana is unmistakable.

These things lay up to 75 eggs at a time and have literally created an industry in South Florida. People now travel from all over the world to shoot these things. Fishing guides now double as Iguana Hunt guides, and there is no license required by the State to Hunt/Kill them In fact, the FWC has encouraged people to kill them because of the damage they do.

If I am being honest, iguanas are the entire reason I got into Air Guns....I cant tell you how many times I wanted to grab an AR and shoot one, but that just wasn't possible. Three years later I have 5 FX Impacts, 3 Mavericks and an LCS SK-19 (wayyyy too loud to me - sounds like a rimfire - I have to think something is off with mine to be that loud) that are used constantly, and the powder burners have not been touched in years.

So, in case you were wondering what your chances are of actually shooting an iguana if you came here to do so. Its 100% guaranteed.
Mr. Steve,
Great video as always, and my compliments
on the choice of air gun to review. Although
technological advancements are becoming a regular
part of the industry, I still view the sk-19 as the
ultimate pcp platform as well as a versatile survival
tool for preppers like myself. Thanks again and
be well.