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AEA ZEUS (Full Review) .72 caliber Slug Shooting w/ Slow Motion Video


Hey guys. Bin at the Pellet Shop sent me the AEA ZEUS .72 caliber with the 32 inch barrel to test out. What a suprise! It was nothing like I thought it would be. The gun is accurate and a pleasure to shoot. Hitting your target is no problem for this 1500 foot pound beast. (That's 50X more power than your .22 caliber!) This video also has some really good ZEUS slow motion footage. I was able to capture the actual shockwave that exits the barrel of this gun. It looks like an actual muzzle flash! Like fire! This .72 cal put on quite a show..so please watch till the end! Thanks for tuning in! -Nate 

P.S. This beast now comes in a 16 inch, 24 inch, and this 32 inch version!