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Advice please to newbie

I think they do that for two reasons. One is to tempt you into adding to the order and also they know that people like to see the gun in it’s complete ready to shoot state.

There are some guns sold as pickaxes but lots of people especially those who have been into the sport already have scopes and mounts or they have a particular list of accessories they wish to order when they order the gun. 

What PCP are you going to buy? We’ll be glad to spend your money for you and pick out the accessories for ya
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In my experience some buyers already have scopes etc and would like to own the gun for the least price possible therefore the sellers price it a couple ways or more.

this coupled with the fact that everyone has their own opinion about what is good for example the buyer may have a nicer scope than what is for sale, in their opinion.


Dec 7, 2018
Upstate New York
    My Answer to this one - Personally Speaking.

    Every single rifle I have ends up with a bipod installed.. 
    Why? Because they're great for keeping the rifles upright. Think "Gun Kickstands".
    Personally, I hate lying my rifles down on their sides.. I take ridiculous care of mine.

    That said, if/when posting one/them for sale - They would show the gun / bipod combo.

    While I would obviously sell a bipod too, I usually just exclude them from the sale 
    because like with everything else, people have their opinions on those too..
    So, it's easier just to let the buyer get their own..

    Scope wise - Same deal.. Too many people w/ too many different opinions, 
    and, sometimes we just have a scope or scopes that we swap from gun to gun, 
    and are just shown on the one in the photo..

    If sold, we'd just have to buy another one.. If kept, no replacing would have to be done..

    Example: 3 of the 4 PCPs I have - Not shown - the other one on my shooting table..
    I use all the same Leapers UTG HD Recon 360 bipods, 
    and if I'm lucky, will also use the same scopes on all of them. [swapping around for now] 



    Sam -


    Aug 2, 2018
      Another thought. If it doesn't sell, it is still ready to use. I am going to list a Diana 48 soon and it will have a scope mounted on it but will have a "with scope" price or without. I don't want to remove it in case no one wants it. At least they would have the option which may be other sellers thoughts also.

      This. I never assume any of my guns will definitely sell. No sense taking everything off the gun for a picture. When it doesn't sell I just go back to using it.
      Thanks to all for your advice. I'm looking at the Air Arms s510 xs Ultimate Sporter .22 , FX Royale 400 Laminate .22, FX Dreamline Laminate .22 OR ? I wouldn't mind used also. 

      I plan on getting a compressor or use my 3000 PSI Scuba tanks. I have a Diana 45 springer that I currently use but I'm tired of break barrels.