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A good Wednesday


Apr 9, 2021
    My friend have a problem with that particular day of the week, but yesterday he got thru it with no trauma, even if a little bridge building ( 16 foot long & 2 tracks ) was done.
    And his ( technical and mental ) support animal ( me ) being hunched over his air rifle a lot of the time. :)

    We did not get around to do the bonfire + single malt thing, that will have to wait until Saturday, even if the rest of Denmark celebrate that tradition ( longest day of the year ) today.
    It is going to be another good old time in the shed on the field, even if the weather gurus have a little moisture from above in their tales of the weather on Saturday :cool:

    The Bridge for the G-scale railway also in the field are taking shape, still lot of work to do in this regard, but we very much hope to have a train running this summer.
    16foot 2 track bridge..jpg

    Downrange, on the left is the 50 M / range, on the right way back at the trees just to the left of the container is the 80 - 90 M targets fairly well hidden by the fill hose, but trust me they are there and peppered with holes.
    It is slightly shorter here as i am pushed out of the shed to do my shooting, but as it is just me having a good old time i do call the ranges by their true name.

    A little panorama from my shooting position, in this case out in the open as the bridge project have taken over much of the shot shed.