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....a bunch of worthless junk.

I have been trying to find a slug that works in my two compacts since I couldn't find pellets either. That was 6 months or so ago. So I have been shooting slugs. I have a pellet order placed. No hurry in needing them though.

And someone mentioned fishing. I can't find some lures I like either. No one has mentioned bird hunting seasons coming up. But, just try to find primers!

Crosman should up their game and produce JSB quality pellets along with the cheap ones:

We got to the moon first, and pellets are way more important than moon shots! Correct?!



Why isn't this truth self-evident to Crosman and investors to get a US quality pellet manufacturing up and running?!? 

(I mean, Nick did slugs, and he is basically just ONE nice guy. Imagine how quickly a corporation could get into quality pellet mass production.)

Well, I'll head to Germany this year, and Olga's day-to-day prices there beat even the lowest discounted prices in the US for pellets. Sad to say.

I just wished the airlines would allow pellets in my hand luggage (as hand luggage rarely ever get put on the scales.... 🤣 ) So, I'm limited to 50lbs per suitcase. Plus all the other junk I'll be carrying......


I’m surprised that PA wasn’t able to provide some ammo for their review content.

Where is the next Delta Wolf video? Get to work

Yeah, I get free "consumables" for PY Air videos...which means pellets...but they can't give me what they don't have ...the Delta Wolf is about to get shot at 50-100 yards for the wrap up video. Expect that one in the next 3 weeks.