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50 yds three cards each FX Boss barely beat the Cricket .25 Mini 710 to 706

I printed out some of Michael Niksch's 50 yd sampler targets and stapled them to some cardboard backing for my first trials at Mike's targets using his .035" scoring plug. I just eyeballed my score prior to actually using the plug just to help get an idea of the difference. I used the plug with the 0.25 shank for the Cricket and the 0.30 shank for the Boss. Jotted down my eyeball score in the left corner of each bull and the plugged score in the right corner. I'll refine this as I go. Figured it might help with some research with keeping up with the eyeball test versus the plug test?

I shot the first 3 cards with the custom .25 cal Cricket Mini using the 33.95 gr MK1 jsb's at roughly 910 fps. Winds were blowing well over 5mph and switching side to side and front to back like they usually do in my back yard. Didn't use any wind flags. Doesn't seem to do anything but confuse me and aggravate the hell out of me when I guess it wrong! LOL Anyway I was just happy to get over 700 points with the plug. Gonna be a lot of work for me to hit the 725 mark?

I shot the next three cards with the FX Boss spitting the 44.75 gr about 875 fps. I think the winds were getting worse, but it gave me a break on that 2nd card. That was today's best with a 244 plugged. I was shooting standing bench with rear bag and el cheapo atlas clones on both rifles. Not tethered. I was using my Ayrtekk Booster to fill the guns and was filling them just a tad more than I would usually fill them.

Anyway here's the evidence of the crime! LOL

50yd Cricket25 feb6 21 a.1612653342.jpg
50yd Cricket25 feb6 21 b.1612653342.jpg
50yd Cricket25 feb6 21 c.1612653342.jpg
50yd plugs 0.35 w 0.25 shank.1612653342.jpg

Here's the three cards for the Boss with a little picture of the four caliber 0.35 plugs shanked from .177 to 30 cal

50yd plugs 0.35 w 0.177 0.22 0.25 0.30 shanks.1612653433.jpg

50yd boss feb6 21 a.1612653457.jpg
50yd boss feb6 21 b.1612653457.jpg
50yd boss feb6 21 c.1612653457.jpg
50yd plugs 0.35 w 0.30 shank.1612653458.jpg

Oh that reminds me. When I was shooting my first sighter with the Boss I accidentally double loaded it. I was aiming at the top left sighter when I pulled the trigger. It dropped a good six inches with that extra pellet in there. I got lucky I didn't mess up my shroud?

Anyway, thanks for looking and I welcome any tips to refine these post in the future.

Peace and multi plug grease

Edited in on Feb 10th

OK, after getting out my magnifier and learning a little better how to score, my scores increased just a little and even though I didn't mention the x count they decreased as I learned the whole dot has to be covered by the 0.35 plug. I had given myself the lower score previously since I had doubt in my vision without the magnifier? So the magnifier proved for what I was hoping for but wasn't sure to give myself credit for?

Cricket gets 237 w/7x, 236 w/7x, 236 w/4x for total of ....709 with 18x

Boss gets 236 w/10x, 244 w/9x, 231 w4x for total of ......711 with 23x

The Cricket had very consistent cards I might add
Oh, and for got to mention I was using the magazine on both guns and that last target with the Boss, the wind was blowing so bad on that third and final card that I was holding on the 7 ring to the left of the bull and it was blowing the shots to the right from bull #7 to bull #17 when it decided to switch on me.
Nice shooting Fuss!!!

Oh, and for got to mention I was using the magazine on both guns and that last target with the Boss, the wind was blowing so bad on that third and final card that I was holding on the 7 ring to the left of the bull and it was blowing the shots to the right from bull #7 to bull #17 when it decided to switch on me.


I thought you told us you can’t shoot in the wind! What a crock of BS!

These look pretty damn good to me! You have been sand baggin’ me on this wind thing. JK of course...😀

I have been shooting a bunch of 50 yard groups trying to find the optimum velocity on my new Taipan .25 cal. Right now I’m focused on JSB Exact King 25G at 923 average FPS. Shooting pretty good for my skill level. Probably have 25-35 Five Shot 50 yard groups over the last few outings through the gun. My best estimate is that I’m averaging between 5/8” to 3/4” CTC groups with the new HUMA. I wish I could say dime sized groups, but not yet. My Taipan Reg was bad and I replaced last week. I do get some 1/2” groups and occasional sub-MOA 50 yard groups, but not enough. I’m still experimenting with the speed dialer trying to dial in on the best velocity/ accuracy at 50 Y. 

I have Mike’s 50 yard BR targets, so maybe next week I’ll try my Taipan with those scoring targets to give us all a good laugh. My 50 yard BR scoring will need to be triple checked though! 

That new .25 Cricket of yours is shooting well. 

FWIW - I went to Lowe’s and bought two Five foot tall Iron Fence stakes and some surveyor tape. Very basic but since I’m learning at 50 with the wind, it has helped me do a bit better on waiting for the right wind condition to shoot. I also switched from SST to magazine to take advantage of shooting more quickly if I get a good condition.

None of any of this is getting me any batter scores, but it makes me feel good!

Thanks Mike & Mike, I do have a couple flags. Just couldn't get motivated to hunt them down? There around here somewhere, but sometimes it takes me longer to find things than I have time for!

Mike N, I was thinking about sending my 2016 model Thomas your way and have you reseal it, maybe rebuild or replace regulator and see if it can be bumped up from 20 fpe to 30 fpe and try some 16.1 jsb's at the 50 mark? That way I can still use my shroud and have it halfway quiet?

I'd consider going .22 if there was a full barrel shroud like you made for my .177 barrel? That shroud was a god send for me! Or could thread the end of the barrel? Just thinking out loud. Gonna put it to the 50 yd test like it is if I can get some decent weather.

I did enjoy myself and would have enjoyed it more if it was warmer and less windy.
Tom, you made me laugh out loud with the crock of BS and the sand baggin' comment. I wish I was good enough to sand bag! LOL I think the 62 ft pounds with the Cricket and the 76 ft pounds with the Boss helped me fight the wind a little?

That Taipan sounds like a shooter. They're hard to beat. Look forward to your BR cards


Nov 6, 2016
Colorado, United States
    Hi Paul,

    Yes, the usarb has the Wrabf 50m Rimfire cards. Most have found them too difficult with air rifles.

    The National 50 target has bigger rings but shares the same x dot. The bigger rings combined with .350” scoring plugs for the pellet class and the ability to accommodate up to 30 caliber is going to make guys much happier and scores will be much closer overall. We have had nothing but positive comments from those that have tried the new target and scoring system.

    There will also be some incentives that are not present in the usarb. Record targets will be framed nicely and returned to the shooter, 

    Scoreline winners will receive plaques or trophies and be recognized for their efforts.

    There will be a National event put on each year by the organization at a large, central venue like the NRA Whittington center.

    The idea is to get more folks participating and coming back.

    Fuss, Mike

    Here is the "The Good, the bad, and the UGLY!" Today, it was just ugly!

    OK, let me get my excuses out of the way first. My printer has Mike N's targets at .25", .50", .75'' and 1" for bull diameter. i.e., 10 ring, 9 ring, 8 ring and 7 ring. Too small, not sure why it did not print with correct larger ring sizes. I printed at 100%.

    Wind was 5-10 mph and I should have stayed home. Yes, these WRABF targets are hard to use with air rifles. I did not use my .35 cal scoring plug and as you will see had some misses, which I counted as "6's." If you look closely at the cards, you will see that with my 10's and 9's I was getting the hang of the wind call with those bulls. You will also see how I was not reading the wind well with the mostly 8's, some 7's and several misses or "6's." 

    I have a new to me Taipan .25 long and it is a very accurate squirrel gun for me up to 50 yards mostly ( that's as far as I dare....). I also had a few good 5-shot group outings at 50 yards with it, but average is somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4" group sizes at 50 yards. Closer to 3/4" I think. However, I tried it at the range the last few outings at 50 yards and today was my first time using Mike N's modified 50 yard BR targets .. Humbling with a capital "H!" I am going to do this again with my Safari .22 HP and RAW HM1000X .22 HP rifles, which really are my 50-100 yard BR air guns. We'll see how that goes at some future outing.

    re. Taipan -- Shooting JSB Exact King 25g at around 920 FPS. The gun has been pretty accurate at 50 yards, but I have yet to test in no/slight wind conditions yet, so I really don't know how accurate just yet. I am going to jack up the speed dialer and try and get the 33G pellets to around 900 FPS if I can. May help a bit more in wind. Not sure about slug sizes yet with Taipan. 

    The cards sucked, so get ready for some laughs!


    Tom, the wind definitely humbles me. That second card looks good. I had a 217 with the eyeball score and that was with the .30 cal Boss and I know it's a shooter in no wind?

    I'm in the process of trying to join the National 50 club. Maybe we can make arrangements to get you here for my first match even if it's just you and me! LOL I wanna see that smoking Redwing and Raw anyway. You'll see why I call it Camp Fussell. Mobile home not much bigger than a camper! LOL

    I printed out these target sample left/right from Mike's Nat50 site, but they came out just a little undersized since it was printing from photo instead of PDF?

    Hope you don't mind if I share Mike, I'll delete them if you prefer.

    From Mike's new website http://national50.org/target/




    Nov 6, 2016
    Colorado, United States
      Hi Tommy...you’re doing fine. Try to shoot a sighter while you take a mental snapshot of your flags. Always aim in the middle of the sighter bull...so you have evidence of where the shot goes. If you hold off for a sighter...you probably won’t remember where you held for that condition later. When you see where the sighter went...just do the opposite for your hold. That’s really the only way to start learning where the shot will go based on your flags.

      Jimmy...National50 is a group effort. I’m just one guy in the group.

      Free to download the targets...that is why we put them there.

      Thanks Mike, and thanks to the group making this happen.

      Hey guys after talking to Mike today, you might want to invest in a magnifier for those shots that are really close to the line. Make sure you don't see any white between the plug and the black line. I used mine just now on one of my targets and all was good except I called an x that I didn't deserve and the magnifier caught it. Was hoping to change an 8 to a 9 score on another bull, but the magnifier confirmed my 8 score as I could see the white really good with the magnifier.

      I have a 7 power. Mike suggests an eight power. I've had mine for close to 5 years and can't remember where I got it. Maybe someone will chime in with a link with a good one to use.

      Here's a couple pics of mine.