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34 grain .22 slug BC??

I was wondering if any of you guys have done any testing to find the BC on the VK or Griffin 34 grain slugs? I've got some I will be testing soon, and was wondering what BC I should input into strelock pro. I already did a quick tune on my Maverick, so I know what speeds they're shooting at different power wheel settings. I currently have the gun set to where I can cover from 925 fps to 1015 fps on the upper PW settings, so speed shouldn't be a problem(the gun can shoot them even faster). I'm guessing they should be around .100 or maybe even as high as .110. That's just a wild guess, but I'd expect them to be at least .100 on the BC. If anyone can add some input, it would be greatly appreciated!

On a side note, I think the Maverick magazine could probably handle up to 35-36 grain, assuming they are flat base slugs. I'm basically trying to shoot the heaviest .22 slug that will fit the magazine, but 34 grain is the heaviest I have for now. Thanks for any input!
I will do that, if I have to. I was just hoping someone else may have already done it, to save me the trouble, haha. I would have to do it when I'm out in the field, but I'm usually short on time when I'm there. I have a light kit, and trap setup so I can chrony inside the house, but it's not necessarily safe sending 75-80 fpe down range outside at my house. If I miss the trap/target, it could get dangerous... That's the reason I'd have to wait until I was in the field to do it.
Yep, the downside of having neighbors that are a bit too close for shooting the gun in "beast mode" 😁 I usually only tune my gun that hot for when I'm going hunting pigs, and when I'm going hunting time is often limited. I usually have just enough time to check zero, and then it's to the woods looking for a porker. Granted, most of the shots I'd take wouldn't even require me knowing the BC, but I like to be prepared on the off chance a longer shot does present itself.