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300s adapter for picatinny QD bipod.


I would like to eventually buy a quality rest but in the short term is there an adapter I can fit to the rail that would allow me to use my QD picatinny bipod? Thanks Michael 


Apr 10, 2019
    so all European target rifle rail are Anschutz and the American rail are freeland


    that being said the bipods shown above are really meant to be used as a stand in the field, so you don have to lay your rifle on it side on say the ground, I have one and they are small

    so and Anschutz to weaver-picatinny rail, it is a bit pricey but this is what people use for there Atlas bipods


    now if you are handy and have the right tools you can make your own by using a flat bottom weaver mount and a piece of 1/2 x 1/8 aluminum stock

    you must remove 1/16 inch off both sides and it is a perfect fit for a Anschutz rail drill and screw the weaver rail to the adapter you made and you have your mount for your bipod

    I used a router with a milling bit for my cut but a table saw would work with a plywood blade

    so that is about all I have for mounting a bipod to a weaver-picatinny mount and to a Anschutz accessory rail

    I hope it helps and yes they are the same on the D75

    this is cheaper but still to much

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    Thank you for the reply’s. All good advise that I appreciate. Feel confident that I could make the adapter up as you have suggested marflow. I have a flat based length of picatinny so I’ll give it a go.

    I agree the Accuracy International adapter is to expensive for what it is. 

    Thanks for the pictures of your Diana 75 Scott 😊

    I used to make my own tee nuts for rail accessories until I found these Rectangular Tee Nuts at ACE Hardware. They fit perfectly although you will have to either grind or file the thread boss so it doesn't protrude above the rail, or drill a recess for the boss in the rail accessory. I always drill the recess in order to assure good thread engagement. This shows the fit to the rail of a 300S. They also fit the Anschutz rail.

    1559138818_15804358305cee9202812390.12998900_Tee Nut.jpg

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