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30 Yard "Wannabe like Manabe" Challenge

"PlanB"test, yeehaw, i think maybe i wasn't waiting long enough for pic to get here.

For 30 yards shooting at 1/4" targets....That's some really nice shooting!!
Your FX is shooting a very tight at 30 yards...must of made you smile!! :)
Glad you finally were able to post your picture!
What kind of scope were you using?
Thanks for taking the time PlanB...your target looks Great!
Mike Manabe
We're not really that rule specific except maybe on the Manabe Challenges that state the yardage in the title like this one does at 30 yds and and there was a 20 yd one started also.
So, it's a general consensus among friends to keep the 20 yd ones under the 20 yd post and the 30 yd ones under the 30 yd post.

You can start one with any yardage you choose and we will try to keep future targets at that yardage under that post. Like, say for instance you wanted to start a 25 yd Manabe challenge?

Mike Manabe shoots 13 meters indoors mostly because that's what he's limited to. He would have to pack his gear and travel to get into these larger distance challenges.
I didn't state any yardage specifics on my first post, so you are welcome to shoot any yardage you are comfortable with under that post.

I started at 20 yds and have tried some at 14 yds (13 meters). Mike makes it look so easy, but it's not, at least for me it isn't ;-)
We prefer the 100 bulls targets and your welcome to shoot the whole hundred or shoot just half of them or less if you want. I like the 1/4 inch bulls for 25 yds and less and the 3/8 inch bulls for anything over 25 yds, but it's still entirely up to the individual.

Here's the link to the original post

also a good link to targets most of us use

Look forward to your target shooting with us Crusher ;-)