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30-Yard challenge


Sep 18, 2021
Marietta, GA
    Getting tired of shooting groups? Try this game out. You shoot all 24 bulls once at 30 yards. Next, eliminate your two lowest pairs. Then, add up your score, with a Max of 200. My best target using my Vet Long is below, as is the target I used. It would be a really great shooter who could get a 200. The 10 ring is 3.28mm in diameter, about the size of a small fly. Post up your best score and what gun you used!

    Vet results 3-11-22.1647790643.jpg

    Here are the scoring rules:

    If the hole touches the next higher ring, score to the higher ring. Use a pellet, skirt down, if the hole is ragged.

    To score an X, you just need to touch the black dot in the center. (This is different than the instructions on the bottom of the target, due to us shooting at 30-yards)

    To score a 10, you just need to touch the gray ring surrounding the black dot.

    Once you shoot all 24 bulls, you get to eliminate your lowest two sets (mulligans) see the target above how I slashed out my two lowest pairs.

    Score the remaining 20 targets for a Max score of 200. Also add your X's if you have any.

    So a perfect score would be 200 20X. Please post up your scores and what rifle you are shooting. Have fun!!

    View attachment 30-Yard Challenge Target.1654254248.pdf

    Hmmm so I'm using my uragan compact but it is shooting all over the place. So I pull a couple of cleaning patches thru it and they are nasty. Must have been all those slugs I put through it a couple weeks ago.


    It shoots a lot better so I'm going to give it a try! My paper seems to be tearing a lot even though I'm using some 90 lb paper too. How do you score when it tears the paper?


    Jul 31, 2018
    NC, United States
       I thought I'd try this out, and I shot this target today with my HM1000 RAW, standard power .22, with the 18 gr JSB. You will notice a slightly larger hole in the right side of target 11. I loaded a pellet backwards, knew it from the feel as I chambered it. Luckily, the RAW has no breech O ring, otherwise I probably would have ripped it out. In a formal match, I would have burned it and reloaded, but I was curious about two things, would it cut a clean hole similar to a wadcutter, and would it shoot to a substantially different POI. As you can see, the answer to both is yes! I took the liberty of not scoring that shot. I also discovered, you absolutely have to have a scoring plug, especially if using thin copy paper. The diablo shaped pellets just slice through and the paper really closes behind it (unless, of course you shoot it backwards). Anyway, conditions were good and it was fun. 



      Seems to me the first sheet is always the best one as I'm always pushing to do better than that score but choke. 😆 


      195 if you count the tears. That one I recorded was just before I had to leave for dinner so I kind of rushed it a bit if you can't tell. 

      I guess because my 90 lb amazon paper kind of sucks, I'm going to just glue it to some card board. 





      Hopefully it will work a little better. Ed you did great 👍