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This is all three that you asked about. 
CampFussell what a great way to show the difference,I B Liken it.

Haha, thanks Boscoe

I found those pics the other night while looking for something else on my desktop. They brought back fond memories, as I took those pics back in 2013 when I bought my very first PCP. The .25 Syn-rod. 

It was like heaven after shooting my .177 Gamo Silent Cat and my .22 Umarex Octane! Must have had bad weather and been very bored when I took those photos?

Glad I could find a post to use them on!

Wow those pictures are great! Thanks ! Just trying to figure out if it’s reasonable to switch up to .25 when I have a boat load of.22 I have a springer and a piston in .22 and now I’m looking to get a pcp !! That I’m having a hard time figuring out especially for a beginner something under 500 dollars! Decision Decision!! Something I can pull out and be deadly up to 75-50 25 yards even at a 100 would be awesome! 
To appreciate the difference in size between the calibers, I think it is more useful to look at it in terms of area…the size of the hole it makes, or the wound channel if you prefer to think of it that way. 

.22 is 50% larger than .177

.25 is 33% larger than .22 

.25 is 100% larger than .177 (okay 99% if we’re splitting hairs)

These are pretty significant differences.