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Results 2022 May 21 CAGC FT match results

2022 May 21 Sunday FT Match Report 

Temperature: 66-84 degrees F 

Wind: 4 mph

Cloudy then Sunny 

10 lanes, 30 targets, 2 shots/target = 60 shots/points total 

19-55 yards, mix of 35mm, 1-1/2" and 40mm kill zones. 

Average distance: 37.3 yards, Average KZ size: 1.53", Course Difficulty: 33.7T with wind factor 

A big thank you to Pyramyd Air for providing CAGC with 10 Air Venturi Rat field targets. 

Ron setup the course using the Rat targets and the UK Flop Over targets from Leo’s target collection. 

Since I did not participate in the match as I am still recovering from Covid, I will let others to comment on the particulars match. 

Another thanks to Pyramyd Air. They allowed us to give away some gift cards to people who placed in the following spots – 1st, 6th, 11th & last place. The Result below indicates who received the gift cards. 

Thanks to all that attended and helped clean up the course. 

Results (14 shooters) 

WFTF Piston 

52/60 Matt B– Air Arms TX200, Falcon X50 10-50x60, AADF 8.4 grains 


55/60 John E - Thomas FT Carbine, Sightron 10-50x60, AADF 8.4 grains (1st $10 PA GC) 

Open PCP 

54/60 Chas D - RAW TM1000, Sightron 10-50x60, JSB Monsters 13.43 grains

Hunter PCP 

47/60 Matt Sq – Daystate Red Wolf, Hawke Air Max 4-16x, JSB Heavy 10.34 grains 

46/60 Brian P – Air Arms S500, Hawke 4-16x50, AADFH 10.34 grains 

40/60 Alan E - Air Arms 510 Xtra FAC, UTG 24x50, JSB Jumbo Express 14.35 grains (6th $5 PA GC) 

34/60 Stephan H – Daystate Red Wolf, Delta 5-50x56, AADFH 10.34 grains 

32/60 Ed G – Daystate Huntsman, Athlon, FX 10.3 grains 

31/60 Dave F – Daystate Revere, Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x50, JSB Heavy 10.34 grains 

25/60 Gerard O – Air Arms S500, Helix FFP 6-24x50, AADFH 10.34 grains 

21/60 Bernie D – Air Venturi Avenger, UTG 4-16x, Crosman Premiers 10.5 grains 

6/60 Karen R - Daystate Red Wolf, Delta 5-50x56, AADFH 10.34 grains (13th $5 PA GC) 

Hunter Piston 

22/60 Jim W – Air Arms TX200HC, Hawke AirMax 4-16x, JSB Exact 8.44 grains (11th $5 PA GC) 

DNF Jay O – Daystate Regal, Hawke 4-16x, AADF 8.4 grains 

Next CAGC FT match Sunday July 27th 

OneDrive link to Photos, Scores & Course Planner
Good Stuff.

Thanks for setting up the course Ron. We lucked out with the clouds and fog. Could have been much hotter. The misses on some of the far targets were head scratchers. Wind was light, but very switchy and tons of mirage towards the end of the match. 

Good group of shooters. Leo, hope you'll be well enough for the MRA match next Saturday. 

See everyone there,


Deleted member 38071

     Being unsure if my rifle would be back from a refresh and new riser install I bowed out earlier this month. Fortunately it came back last week giving me time to get it set up. 

    On my drive there it was foggy, drizzling and even rained a bit. Fortunately it was only overcast at Ron's house. I arrived before most, giving me time to say hello's and get my gear together casually before sight in. The sight in line was longer than usual this time and it was appreciated.

    The conditions at match time were overcast, mid 70's with 1-2mph 'winds'. This meant aim-on shooting for most targets, a few requiring favoring an edge. After 4 lanes the sun burnt through and temps came up quickly, as did the breeze. A light switchy movement turned into a 2-3mph push. Oh, don't forget mirage, that kicked up too. If you weren't paying attention, and aimed while the wind switched or changed speed the mirage will have you aiming at the wrong spot and scratching your head afterwards. 

    The match went along without too much interuption ending a bit past noon. My rifle worked well, allowing me to discover some new deficiencies to work on. 

    Thank you Ron for allowing us to tear up your lawn from time to time.

    Thanks so much for the report Leo - I hope you continue to mend rapidly. And our big thanks go out to Ron who stepped up with extra hours of prep to conduct final preparations and make the match run smoothly. You guys are a great team and a great asset to our region's shooters.

    I'll add to others' comments with some photos and a video.

    It was really exciting to see the large turn out, and I hope the new shooters feel encouraged to return to more matches. 'Shoes only optional for the host, though :p