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2015 Holiday gift thread

Wow, I've had continual Christmas since the end of October when I got my .177 Cricket Rifle.
Got one of Hector's Sightron 10-50X60 scopes for it the the first week in December, mounted with Burris Z rings
Picked up an almost brand new Caldwell Stable table with carry case on Craigslist for $150......couldn't pass it up
Followed by a Bald Eagle mechanical rest with the 2.25" front bag, and a Protektor Deluxe rear bag.
My wife bought me a Caldwell Fieldpod for Christmas.
And I got a set of 4 Tom Orlando wind flags.

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Bipod for the Marauder, airgun spinner targets (Birchwood Casey Gallery), and I bought a Beeman P17 for myself. However, after cocking that thing 50 plus times, I think I'll look for a true PCP pistol. The P17 is good and accurate, but I'm getting a workout closing it that negatively impacts my accuracy.I'm a lousy shot anyway, so need all the advantages I can get. Maybe by next Christmas?

Hope all had a very merry Christmas and that the new year brings happiness to all.



Dec 28, 2015
KY, United States
    Bought my son a DayState Regal XL in .22 and a Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40 AO scope.

    We have squirrel hunted together since he was 9 years old (he is 36). I got into AGs three years ago with an AA S410 .22. He thought, like me, that it was pretty cool. By the way, as I was placing his Regal order I couldn't stand it, so I ordered two. I put a MTC Sniper Connect scope on mine for something different .. love this zero eye-relief scope!