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.20 cal pellet aquisition?

Afternoon everyone,

I'm brand new here and while I'm not new to shooting in general, been at it since I was four, higher end airguns are more or less new to me. I had some Crossmans as a kid and still have them, a couple of 760's and the Co2 powered repeater, can't remember the model # offhand. All have been rebuilt by someone who knows what he is doing and they shoot great. While in his shop he had several others under repair and several for sale. I have taken an interest in the classics and bought a restored 140 and just kept on. It's addictive. One of my kidhood friends had a Sheridan and I had not even heard of that brand at the time. It was a beautiful rifle and I wonder where it is now but this gunsmith had a Sheridan Blue Streak he had fully restored and did a beautiful job. Because my friend had one and I haven't seen another since, I bought it. I got a small number of pellets with it but need to find more. The smith doesn't have any and couldn't tell me where to find a source. I doubt this will be a daily shooter but I like to have a good stash of everything. Since the Sheridan is a .20 caliber I have had no luck at all. Does anyone here have an idea? I've heard of a place called Pyramyd and seen a few videos online but haven't checked a website. I don't honestly know of any sources for airguns and supplies but I hope to have some ideas over the next month or so. My other thought might be Midway. I spent some time a few weeks ago at a match at the CMP in Anniston AL, not far from home, and was impressed to see kids from as far away as New Jersey there. They also have a series for old guys like me on Tuesdays so I bought what I hope will be a fun to shoot target rifle but that's another story. If anyone can guide me to a source for .20 cal pellets I'd appreciate. Thanks and I'm glad to be here.

Rick H.
Pyramid Air, Airgun Depot, Ebay, all good starting places.

Ebay is not a good starting place to look for pellets...lol. I did once and almost spit my Dr Pepper when I saw a guy asking $33.51 a tin for H&N FTT 11.42gr pellets. For that matter, most pellet sellers on there are asking $5-$7 more a tin than normal retail and I've seen more than a few trying to sell for double what retail prices are. 

I'm finally getting back to this problem after about 3 months. I just haven't had time to do much shooting of any kind. Anyway Pyramyd and Arizona had none at all and no idea when they might be finding any. While I was on hold I went to Amazon and found tons of them in .20 caliber which seems ironic. Prices were pretty good and I hope they work well in my Blue Streak. They should be here Friday or Saturday. We'll see. 

Rick H.