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.177 H&N Barracuda Match 4.52

Forgot I had these. Found a sleeve stuffed away on a shelf, figured Id take some to the range. Glad I did! I was taken back at how well these pellets grouped, unsorted at that. 4.52 head. Bag rested, no rear bag. They were shooting about 2.5 clicks (1/10mil/click) left, zero was for AA heavy’s not far off at all. Vertical was lower by 1 click. They start to spread out around 50, but by 55 still pretty tight. I only marked the 39, 50 and 55 yd groups, others were anywhere from 21 to 55. Definitely sorting a tin tonight for tomorrows match. Did not chrony either but the AA heavy’s chrony at 890 and their weight is really close. LW factory barrel, huma reg, Hill parts. I’ll post the sorting results later on tonight.