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Cameras 10mm lens for Scopecam Lite?


Apr 9, 2021
    Your camera are highly likely to have the M12 fine thread lens, i think in CCTV terminology they are also called a S mount lens.

    There are many places to buy lenses, in the US Peau productions are one, https://www.peauproductions.com/

    But for most of my lens needs i normally go to these two "Ali" stores.

    When ordering make sure the lens have a IR cut filter, if it dont they will install one for you if you let them know, in general in the CCTV realm lenses do not have the IR cut filter as that is a active element found in the mount, so the IR cut filter can disengage at night and the camera then see IR light, and engage in the daytime as otherwise the footage will have a magenta / purple hue due to the IR light in the sunlight.



    you will of course want a megapixel lens / 4K