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    WIN an AirMaks Arms .22 Katran Compact PCP and More!!

    743.77 Hope Santa is my friend. I've been very nice.
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    RMAC 2021 Day 1 (small bore slug challenge + 100y qualifier #1)

    Is there any cap on how much an airgun costs to be competitive?
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    A historical first in the airgun world!

    You won't be carrying that rig through the woods anytime soon. I'm also concerned about the anominimity that air guns have mostly enjoyed so far. Still great shooting. Must feel like a drone strike!
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    The winner of the FX Streamline is...

    I looked at the fx streamline as a possible new air gun but I'm finally going to try a bull pup. Happy shooting!
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    Couple pests...

    I lived at a place in 2007 that had 18 walnut trees. The owner had been live trapping the persistent squirrels on his back deck and driving them about five miles and releasing them on the other side of a major free way. After the fist month of me living there I asked if I could work on solving...
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    If you were to win the RDW Maverick...

    Hind sight is .22 mav in the compact config but w/ the 600mm barrel and the sumo.
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    ****Shoebox Parts Available****

    Did Tom Kaye sell or retire his Shoebox company?
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    The Winner of the FX Maverick Package is...

    Great job ,hope you bought a lottery ticket the same day!