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    Shoot from our Sniper Towers (Hollister CA) to kill squirrels for FREE

    Only 5 hours, I'd be all over it. 2000 miles and 29 hours for me though.
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    It's supposed to be FUN!

    I've been at this a long time, went through a lot of airguns. My favorite rifle and the one I choose to shoot most is my R7, it looks rough as it has been use on extremely hot days and sweat has ruined the blueing on the barrel but it still shoots great. I keep thinking I want an R9 but at 76...
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    Ozark Mountain Airgun Club's First Event

    As far as I know, May 28th works for me.
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    Mouse infestation at my new house and bb guns

    I killed 17 in my garage one winter using a Crosman 2289G with red dot sight and only two pumps, shoots clean through them. I setup bait stations with soft pine for a backstop with a little peanut butter to stop them and a red light to allow me to see them. I've also used the same bait...
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    Ozark Mountain Airgun Club's First Event

    Eagle Bluff is river bottom and wetland, not good squirrel hunting and has a lot of people running around. Davisdale CA east of Boonville might be a good location as well as Whetstone Creek CA at Williamsburg. One area that I want to check out this spring is Saline Valley CA near Tuscumbia, it...
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    Recommendations for a new 10 Meter Shooter? (for a first gun)

    For off hand shooting the fit of the stock is the important thing, next is the trigger. Almost all these rifle shoot accurately but it must fit you.
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    Few grey’s with the L2

    That pull-over is great camouflage for the squirrel's eyes.
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    St. Louis Missouri Airgun Shooters and/or Qualified FX Repair Service

    Where is Jeffersonville, MO? It doesn't show up on any search.
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    Ozark Mountain Airgun Club's First Event

    Next weekend is out for me, family get-together.
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    Ozark Mountain Airgun Club's First Event

    What are the gravel roads like when it rains? 
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    Ozark Mountain Airgun Club's First Event

    I'll be there Friday afternoon and Saturday. I will be bringing my camping trailer and staying in the main campground.
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    Ozark Mountain Airgun Club's First Event

    Looks like we might have a younger batch. I just killed one this morning that was not much bigger than a rat. The meat, what little of it there is, looks really nice, very light pink, and soft.
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    Ozark Mountain Airgun Club's First Event

    I will be there, prefer the main campground as I will be bring a small camping trailer. Sleeping on the ground is a thing of the past for me if I can help it.
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    Tuning FX Dreamline low tune

    I though I should follow up on this. I wound up getting a Dreamlite in .22 as it was available. All it took was with the reg. set at about 110bar was to turn to the medium port and reduce the hammer to 3. It shoots H&N Excite Hammer pellets at 810 (over 100 shots per fill) and is extremely...
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    Just not a FX fan…

    I shot springers for over 40 years but getting old changed my mind as cocking efforts seemed harder. I've now owned four PCP, the latest one an FX Dreamlite in .22. The light weight, no stock for me to scratch in the squirrel woods, and easy of adjusting was what sold me on the Dreamline. So...
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    Ozark Mountain Airgun Club's First Event

    Sounds like a great time, hope the leaves are off the trees by then.