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  1. mcoulter

    Good. Fast. Cheap.

    I saw this image when reading a non-airgun story. It seems extremely relevant when it comes to HPA compressors. Where does your compressor fit? My Shoebox F10 is clearly in the Good ~ Slow ~ Cheap region!
  2. mcoulter

    Tuning Help ID this regulator

    This came out of a used (pretty worked over, actually...) Air Arms MPR with a longer than normal air tube. It has been marked with 120. I really wanted to drop the regulator pressure, but I could not get the knurled part to turn.
  3. mcoulter

    Beeman P1 fun

    I picked up a used P1 a couple of years ago and have to admit that it does not get much love... it's pretty easy to forget that it's in the corner of the safe. Anyway, I got it out last week and shot a bunch trying to remember its preferences and figure out holdovers at various distances...
  4. mcoulter

    Tuning Favorite Cricket II tune so far! (Plus bonus trajectory results)

    Let's get this out of the way, this Cricket II is my absolute favorite out of the three Kalibrguns I own. This is a .22 Cricket II with a 450mm barrel. I also am fortunate enough to have a .22 Cricket II Tactical (600mm barrel) and a .25 original Cricket (600mm barrel). By today's crazy...
  5. mcoulter

    Any .177 Argus owners?

    Kalibrgun lists the Argus 45 as being available in .177 but I can't find any reports of them out in the field. Does anyone here have one? If so, what can you say about it? Thanks!
  6. mcoulter

    Newbie notes: AA s400 mpr brain dump

    OK, this will be a little brain dump on this rifle because I'm trying to learn it and the ins-and-outs of FT (specifically WFTF division). I picked up a used Air Arms s400 mpr this past winter and I'm just about to the point where I can say that I know what its capabilities are. This gun...
  7. mcoulter

    BC test results: H&N Field Target Trophy .177 Cal, 8.64

    Sharing some testing I did with 4.52mm FTT pellets shot from my Air Arms s400 MPR. I got this gun used and it has been tuned up from it's original 10m configuration. I have turned down its transfer port restrictor so the gun is shooting at about 12 fpe which is down from the 14-15 fpe in the...
  8. mcoulter

    Field Supply pellet shipping?

    Has anyone used Field Supply for pellet orders? If so, how well were they packaged?
  9. mcoulter

    Air strippers - yea or nay?

    I picked up a very nice used Air Arms s400 MPR recently. It's a beautiful rifle! Wanting to know more about it's history, I emailed Air Arms with the SN and got these details back from them: Serial No Model Details ...
  10. mcoulter

    Mildot Extended Reticle pic

    I'm back working from home and am able to get out shooting during my lunchtime again! (YAY!) Shot a few quick mags with a new 10x40 immersive optics. I have to say that I LOVE this reticle. Check out these pics. My target is a 1/2 inch sticker and the distance is 52 yards. The central...
  11. mcoulter

    Wishing everyone a Blessed Holiday!

    Hope everyone gets out and gets some shooting in during the holidays!
  12. mcoulter

    HAM article on prismatic scopes (Shameless plug)

    It has been a ton of fun learning about prismatic scopes this fall. I have had the opportunity to do a two-piece writeup on Hard Air Magazine about these types of scopes. Please check it out and let me know what you think! Part 1...
  13. mcoulter

    Tuning Current Kalibrgun regulator adjustment?

    Maybe it's a sign that nobody really NEEDS to do this, there are not any current videos about adjusting the regulators in the Cricket II lineup. Can anyone confirm if the regulators in the current crickets are like the older models? Here's a video that Ernest Rowe published in 2015: ...
  14. mcoulter

    Antique airgun - how remarkable is this one?

    Wow, if this was for sale in the US, i would be so tempted... (translated description) An air rifle, Systeme Giffard, St. Étienne circa 1880 Round barrel, caliber 7.5 mm, length 62 cm, front sight and...
  15. mcoulter

    H&N pellet testing in Cricket 2 Tactical .22 Long

    Life has conspired to keep me from shooting very much in recent weeks, but I did get out yesterday to test a recent order of pellets in the Cricket II Tactical. I found that H&N Baracuda Match 21.4 grain pellets in 5.51 mm head size shot great in choked cricket barrels. Well, I am glad that I...
  16. mcoulter

    [SOLD] Brocock Sniper HP (a.k.a. “Magnum”) in .22 caliber

    Here are some photos: (lots more are available) For sale is a Brocock Sniper HP (a.k.a. “Magnum”) in .22 caliber which I purchased new from SPAW (Southern Precision Air Weapons / Ken Hicks) in June...
  17. mcoulter

    Cricket 2 Tactical .22 Long hammer spring testing

    I tested velocities on my Cricket II Tactical (600 mm barrel) the other day. Here are the results: With FX 18 grain pellets (at about 64f) I started with full tension (hammer spring adjuster fully screwed in = "0" turns) and went from 1029 fps down to 733 fps at 7 turns out (counter...
  18. mcoulter

    Immersive prismatic 10x scope

    Just mounted it (10x24) on my Cricket 2 Tactical. This is going to be interesting. Have not shot it yet, only looked through it. It is VERY clear and crisp. Saying it has short eye relief is an understatement! It is going to take some getting used to...
  19. mcoulter

    Offhand Shooting Journal: Part 1 - Baseline

    I suck at shooting offhand but I want to get better. I'm hoping to post the progress I make here in the General forum as a way to track, motivate, and possibly shame myself into getting better! I figured 25 yards is a decent distance to start at so I wanted to zero the cricket at that...
  20. mcoulter

    Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name...

    Seems fitting: (Double loading pellets while doing BC tests.)