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  1. Crosman999

    AAA EVOL & Paradigm Trigger adjustment and tuning

    Recently I made a visit to the American Air Arms facility to visit Tom and to deliver my EVOL that I have decided to donate to this years EBR raffle. I put together this video where Tom shows how to adjust the trigger and offers some tuning advice for those wanting to make adjustments. He has...
  2. Crosman999

    GX Pump L3

    Recently bought this GX Pump L3 compressor. The reason is I thought it might be nice to use on many of my camping trips. I really like the idea of having something self contained with the batteries I'm able to recharge. Plan to use it over time and see how it performs to fill some of my rifles...
  3. Crosman999


    Late last week I decided to head into the mountains for a few days with my family and good friend @TerryE1 to enjoy a few days of camping. For this trip we had lots to bring, mostly for my one year old daughter....anyone who has little kids knows exactly what I mean. We loaded up the motorhome...
  4. Crosman999

    Browning Buckmark URX Short review

    I purchased this a few years ago and finally got around to reviewing it. I really do like it for the price, pretty accurate but the trigger is just awful.
  5. Crosman999

    Western Airguns Cottontail Overnight Hunt (Pictorial)

    Several weeks ago I headed out for multiple days to get away from the house and to knock out a few video projects I had going on. Marley and I loaded the Jeep and made way to one of my more frequented locations that sits at around 5800' elevation. We arrived fairly late in the afternoon and...
  6. Crosman999

    Experience with GX Pump L3?

    Looking at this to bring with me on the many trips I take as it looks to be self sufficient. Not looking to fill a tank, just the gun itself as a backup when tank runs low. Looking for first hand experience with this model in particular? Thanks
  7. Crosman999

    Jackrabbt down with Alpha Wolf

    Currently out in the mountains for a few days. Went out this evening with the Alpha Wolf in.30 caliber. Have the gun configured to shoot the 44gr JSB's at 880 putting out 75 fpe, a conservative power level for smaller game hunting. Will have a video of this trip, just takes time once I return...
  8. Crosman999

    Standards for reviewing?

    I do read much of the feedback on the forums for many of the ideas I come up with for videos and just wanted to touch base with a few thoughts. Obviously with the many reviews put out, either videos or written I do see somewhat of a cookie cutter format going on. One thing I've noticed, me being...
  9. Crosman999

    Coyote Hunting Palooza

    Those who have followed my adventures are most likely aware of my frequent Coyote hunts, many of them I don't document due to the graphic nature but from time to time I do share some of these trips. This last trip we loaded up the truck and headed a good day away of driving to a large poultry...
  10. Crosman999

    Air Arms Pro Sport

    Drew made an excellent and very honest review of this fantastic rifle. The few points he made hits home and is something worth listening to.
  11. Crosman999

    Ratting Chronicles

    Put together this video showing how airguns are great tools for large scale ratting situations as well as our own backyard. We use the Lieshy classic and the Brocock Atomic XR in .22 calibers. I talk a little about power levels, various lights and the importance of safety.
  12. Crosman999

    Late afternoon Rattler .30 Cottontail Hunt

    I just got back from a few good days in the field where I was able to get lots of video work done. Early in the afternoon Marley and I went for a hike away from camp where I planned to do a little hunting with the Western Airguns Rattler in .30 caliber. I turned the gun way down to be able to...
  13. Crosman999

    Beautiful few days out with the EVOL

    As from a previous post where I mentioned being out for a few days with Marley, here is the video of that adventure. This area is extremely remote but one of my favorites for hunting a variety of game. We had some luck on ground squirrels and a few Jackrabbts. I was using the AAA Evol, the...
  14. Crosman999

    Jackrabbt down with EVOL

    Currently out in the mountains camping for a few days and filming for a few videos. Went out for a hike this evening with Marley and was able to take down a good sized Jack at 46 yards. This is the survival challenge Evol, the standard version in .22 caliber. I've been using the Howler slugs...
  15. Crosman999

    Western Airguns Rattler .30 Initial thoughts (pic heavy)

    Early last week I received a shipment from AOA containing the New Western Airguns Rattler in .30 caliber. Those not familiar with Western Airguns, they are not a new company and have been around for a good many years. They primarily produce Big Bores, specifically the Bushbuck that I had the...
  16. Crosman999

    Opossum down with 12fpe

    Some of you that may follow some of my hunting adventures know I have a backyard rat issue. Most of these issues are from my citrus trees and the fact my neighbors have chickens. Few days ago I was talking with my neighbor about the rats and he had mentioned that the Opossums had been stealing...
  17. Crosman999

    Brown Truck made a stop today

    Went out for lunch and when I got home I had a package waiting. New .30 Western Airguns Rattler got from AOA. My initial impressions are good, love the quality soft case it came in. I topped it off with a Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 and can't friggin wait to leave for a few days to try it out. I...
  18. Crosman999

    Airgun Safety

    Drew shares a great video talking about safety, a topic that's never discussed enough.
  19. Crosman999

    Umarex SA10 Quick Review

    We take a closer look at the Umarex SA10 Co2 bb/pellet pistol that retail for just under $100. This is a blowback style that can shoot both BB's and pellets and is fitted with threading to add a moderator.
  20. Crosman999

    Long barrels are better?

    What are some of the benefits of having a long barrel besides making more power? Let's use barrel lengths over 26" as examples. I bring this up as a topic as to me it's strange that manufacturers would not be putting more effort into shortening barrels to make them a bit more "harmonically...