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Hi thanks for your reply.
the magazine system is straightforward, the same as my Theoben Rapid I still have , bought in 1997, still working perfectly. Filling pressure is as recommended by main dealer at 220 bar, due to them ” tuning it to respond to 220 bar and not locking up ” as it did straight from the FX factory quality control section. Filling the gun is straightforward just like my Cricket, my Air Wolf , my Rapid .  Insert magazine pull trigger , one shot fails second shot , I don’t think it is returning the bolt far enough to set trigger and allow mag to cycle. Dry firing it from 220 bar after 20 shots firing cycle fails. Pressure in gun is now 160 bar or less . 60 bar for 20 blank shots, wow !! Dealer said your gun fires like a target regulated gun and sent me shot strings to prove it. No transit damage on box or packaging . The bolt needs Hercules to pull back and allow the probe to move for accessing input output of magazine, never like that before. Could the hammer spring be the problem ?  Not dry and lubed. In fact with one hand it is nigh impossible to pull bolt back, the initial movement say 2 inches is the hard area afterwards lessens off.a new gun SHOULD NOT DO THIS. I perceive gun is flawed and want my money back, this gun is not fit for purpose.
yours upset