Reply To: A message from AEAC & Ted



I am nowhere near as popular as those channels above that have been terminated or given strikes. 
I have no issue at all leaving youtube for another site but, it has become my home and it’s where I’d like to stay.
As I recall, this started a few months back due to advertisers not wanting their names associated with anything that had to with any sort of shooting. So, I will be going through the process of demonetizing all of my videos. To date, Youtube has put $105.00 into my account for over 2 years worth of videos and the countless days worth of time I’ve spent recording, editing, and posting them. That’s not much of a revenue stream for that amount of work. So, forget the ads! I’d rather put videos out there for free than deal with all this nonsense! Heck, I’ve been given more than that in straight up donations and donations towards the Stormrider giveaway. Now, I feel like I may not be able to give it away in time before getting kicked off YT! 
I like posting up videos that help people out whether it’s a how-to, showing you a product, or just goofing around. I started my channel as a way to reach out to the community and I want to continue to do so. 
Thanks for the support!