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Ok I have enough of the Chronograph work done to give some data to anyone interested in the Bobcat MK2 in 25 Cal.  Before I post the data I want to note that I have only run one full tin of JSB 28.39 gr pellets through the rifle (350 shots) and started the second tin other than sighting in the scope for this session.  The rifle is just beginning to settle in without any adjustments from stock.  The regulator maintained 2000 psi indication until shot 87 on power level 2 on the first go where it began falling off the regulator.  That is 230 bar to 120 bar at which point I refilled the reservoir.
Power level 2: 87 shots…886 high / 865 low / 875 AVG / 6 SD / 21 ES.  The first set.  Refilled to 230 BAR.  (48.61 FPE) 
Power level 2: 84 shots…885 high / 870 low / 878 AVG / 3.6 SD / 15 ES.  The second set.  Refilled to 230 BAR.
Power level 1: 100 shots…656 high / 645 low / 649 AVG / 3.0 SD / 11 ES.  Now I stopped at 100 (Nature was calling…too much ice tea).  I was just at 150 BAR and had not fallen off the regulator.  Refilled to 230 BAR.  (26.56 FPE)
Power level 1:  140 shots…656 high / 645 low / 649 AVG / 3.0 SD / 11 ES.  Are You Kidding Me, I was still just above 130 BAR and on the regulator.  140 shots on low power for me is epic with this consistency.  I gave it a rest at this point and packed it in for the day, got tired of loading the three magazines I have.  I make no claim as to what others may achieve with a different Bobcat MK2 but for my rifle, stock tune…I am “Happy, Happy, Happy”….to quote the Dynasty…and must say if this continues there will be some of my air gun closet queens in the classified section.