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“ahobie17”From FX page on Facebook, I don’t know who the poster is, but hopefully accurate. Airgun enthusiasts.

FX is proud to share with you the official numbers for the FX Wildcat..22 Wildcat

Overall Length – 760mm 29,9 Inches
Barrel Length – 500mm 19,7 Inches
Weight – 2,8kg 6,1 Pounds
Power – 30Foot-pounds
Airtube – 230cc
Number of Shots – 70 shots at 920ft/sec with 16grain JSB pellets
Price – 1299$ .25 Wildcat
Overall Length – 890mm 35 Inches
Barrel Length – 600mm 23,6 Inches
Weight – 3kg 6,6 Pounds
Power – 46,7 Foot-pounds
Airtube – 300cc
Number of Shots – 60 Shots at 910ft/sec with 25.4grain JSB Pellets
Price – 1299$First Wildcats Left The Factory Today.
U.S Shipment Is Estimated To Leave Next Week.

Why not just read the first post? What you post is a copy and paste almost a month ago.