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Thanks for posting that,  that’s exactly what I have to explain time and time again, pellets have a max stable velocity. Most ppl that I tune rifles for wants high velocity which I tell them that they are going to loose accuracy. One prime example is when I went out pesting the very last time due to the heat and the higher elevation the gun start shooting very fast opposing where it was tuned at sea level in a fair amount of humidity along the coast. 930fps is the max that I can shoot without having some stability loss in .25cal and up. So I tune the rifles at 915-920 to leave room for thin air and heat. Again this depends on barrel length as well. a barrel thats 23inch I can go 930fps, a barrel thats19inches I go around 880-890fps, if im going to traveling away from the coast then I would go 870fps to allow for velocity change,