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Hi Folks!
I’m Graeme from England. I’m 55 years old and been an “Airgun-nut” since the age of 12. Yep, they did have airguns back then! I bought mine from old second hand shops, with pocket money, scraped the rust off, replaced the leather washer, then went off shooting in the fields. My parents were a bit anti, so the gun lived hidden under trees etc.
As I got older, the guns got better and my folks gradually saw the light for everything except hunting. So that bit stayed on a “need to know” basis.
I’ve owned literally hundreds of air rifles and a few air pistols. As you lucky Americans know, I’ve been legally & sadly limited to 12ft/lbs, but in a way that kind of helped me learn to be accurate and make my shots humane. Sometimes holding back when I was “pretty certain”, but not wanting to have walking wounded critters staggering over my Dad’s garden!
Anyway, I’ve been a reasonably successful clay pigeon shooter, owning many shotguns over the years, but always coming back to the simple, total, enduring joy, of airgun shooting! I love it! Despite being right handed with a left master eye!!!

I like the technical side of tuning, ballistics and all the other good stuff. I’ve owned a Venom tuned Weihrauch (anyone else remember those?) and have developed a number of experimental silencers. in short, I love messing, dismantling and fathoming out how things work!

I’ve now moved past my electronic Daystates and currently have an FX Wildcat, which I love. I haven’t broken the trigger and it doesn’t leak, so hey! I’m happy!

I have the attitude that if I can help someone I will and I’m looking forward to being part of this great Forum!