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I was pretty sure from the beginning you and aaronchow are one and the same. That is OK, it keeps this thread interesting. Noting new from you – same old thing.
As for the poor Language, that bears out your fraud.

I think that the stock barrel – long range accuracy can be improved, and Im sure that if Huben wants to survive it will get fixed. Up to 50 yards, I will go up against most of the guns out there.  

We can all keep beating the horse, but I am getting close to the 10 THOUSAND round mark as I polished off 350 rounds this weekend.  With 19 rounds of semi auto action, so much fun I ordered more Steel Plinker targets to pound the paint off of. That is 10K of lead with no issues, lets see the others guns do that! 

Haters will hate and others will use bad language and cuss.

First of all, neither of us is a native Egnlish speaker. It doesn’t matter whoever you think we are.

Secondly, you are illogical and unreasonable.
On one hand, you believe Huben can not survive if it doesn’t fix the accuracy issues which are so significant that you will take the trouble to replace the stock barrel, but on the other hand, you cannot stand aaronchow and his honest words about huben’s poor accuracy. Do you mean that you are the only person who can talk about Huben in a negative way ? who do you think you are? 

Thirdly, the hard work you did for this review cannot naturally justify your point of view. No matter how much you love that gun, you cannot deny the fact that K1’s accuracy sucks! 

Last,  Aaron doesn’t give a shit if you call him rude dick, if other people like him or not.